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I think I've found one of the worst VIX charts used in a published paper....

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Somebody w/access to data would know better than me on this. Thesis: A year ago FOMO convinced holdouts to move $$ out of 0% into the market - to $HOOD, etc. My question, if so… did they lose enough (on paper, unless theey panicked) to impact the economy?

The SAT, a college admissions exam long associated with paper and pencil, will soon go all-digital.

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I'll be in Oak Forest tonight. The Bengals host Lemont. Couldn't pass on the Robbie Avila-Nojus Indrusaitis matchup. Should be fun (and Mount Carmel-St. Rita is starting too late to get in the paper, so that helped the decision).

MDOT says it will move ahead with plans to build an innovative interchange at a busy intersection in Madison Heights.

The SAT exam will move from paper and pencil to a digital format, administrators announced Tuesday, saying the shift will boost its relevancy as more colleges make standardized tests optional for admission. #satexam 

Check out our views on the US Fed’s paper on the pros and cons of a US CBDC, which we think would be a faster form of money free from credit and liquidity risk, but also increases disintermediation and funding risks for banks and payments system providers.

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The SAT exam is going digital and will be a bit shorter than the paper format, administrators announced. Test-takers will be allowed to use their own laptops or tablets.

The administrators of the SAT say the exam will move from paper and pencil to a digital format.

The administrators of the SAT say the exam will move from paper and pencil to a digital format. They say the shift will boost the test's relevancy in an increasingly test-optional college admissions landscape.


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Turns out that gun is for the toilet paper

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The Paper Mario series arrives on #NintendoSwitch  with an origami twist! What evil paper shenanigans does the Origami King have planned? Find out when #PaperMario : The Origami King releases on 7/17!

Remarkable obituary in today’s paper.

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The New York Times is an embarrassment to journalism. They were a dead paper before I went into politics, and they will be a dead paper after I leave, which will be in 5 years. Fake News is the Enemy of the people!

“Statistical sampling to prove widespread voter fraud...multiple accounts of fraud and voting irregularities may overturn election” for paper ballots. @RandPaul  @OANN 

Thank you to all of my great Keyboard Warriors. You are better, and far more brilliant, than anyone on Madison Avenue (Ad Agencies). There is nobody like you!

George Floyd’s murder is not only an outrage. It is the latest manifestation of a system that callously devalues the lives of Black people. Our struggle is and always has been about justice—not justice on paper, but real justice in the real lives of real people.

Dreamers have contributed so much to our country, and they are risking their lives fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic. They deserve permanent immigration status and a pathway to citizenship—as they are Americans in every way but on paper.

I hope whoever came up with this gets due credit. Our neighbor is older and lives alone so I gave her 3 color pieces of paper for her window which faces our window. Green is for I'm OK, yellow for need help with an errand, and red for emergency. Isolation Communication.

The @nytimes  story is a Fake, just like the “paper” itself. I was criticized for moving too fast when I issued the China Ban, long before most others wanted to do so. @SecAzar  told me nothing until later, and Peter Navarro memo was same as Ban (see his statements). Fake News!