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#OTD July 24, 2014, UA Armed Forces liberated Lysychansk, Luhansk Obl from Russian-led militants. 8 yrs have passed Today, RU forces press on in Luhansk & Donetsk Obl. Lysychansk is again in RU hands. Outgunned & under endless artillery fire, UA withdrew from the city beginning July.

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“Our apartment has been shelled *three* fucking times,” a woman in Lysychansk, in eastern Ukraine, told Luke Mogelson. “My mother’s 82. I want to get the hell out of here, but she has dementia.”

Headquarters of the 6th regiment of the second Russian army corps was eliminated in Ukraine's Luhansk Oblast. Oblast Head Haidai said that "a clap" as Russians say occurred in currently occupied Lysychansk in the court building, killing up to 50 invaders

Ukrainian troops repelled two Russian assaults in Luhansk Oblast on 21 JulyOblast Head Serhii HaidaiRussians carried out the assaults near Verkhnokamianka and from the Lysychansk Oil Refinery direction.

Little Dzvenyslava says last goodbye to her father, Ievhen Olefirenko, a Ukrainian hero. Ievhen was 33. His unit defended Lysychansk to the last, Ievhen managed to lead his brothers out of the semi-surrounded city unharmed. 📷 Roman Pilipey

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3. The people manning the evacuations are incredibly brave. We met a German mechanic (1st pic) who’d been shelled 5 times rescuing people from places like lysychansk. His cars are wrecks. Serhiy (2nd pic) had also been shelled rescuing civilians from Bucha,Irpin, Chernihiv,Donbas

In its daily intelligence update, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense said that members of the Wagner Group had “almost certainly” participated in fighting – especially in the cities Popasna and Lysychansk which were captured by Russian forces this month.

After capturing Ukraine's Lysychansk, Russia is advancing on other Donbas cities. But why is the battle for Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Bakhmut so important for Moscow?

Ukrainian forces continue reducing Russian offensive operations in scope & scale, with fighting west of Lysychansk focussed on Siversk and Bakhmut This is despite Russian claims to have entered the outskirts of Siversk town earlier in the week, GB@DefenceHQ  reported

Russian forces are now in danger of losing any momentum built up following the capture of Lysychansk, the last city in the Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine that was still under Kyiv’s control, according to British military intelligence officials.


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The first wedding dance of Viktor and Oksana in the Lviv hospital ward. Oksana, a 23-year-old nurse from Lysychansk, lost her legs on 27 March. Then Oksana had turned to warn Viktor of the danger, and within a second a Russian mine exploded under her

Russian shelling is indiscriminate. In Rubizhne, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. "artillery was removing those houses very fast - people were trying to hide in the basement so they had no view, no assessment of the current situation, so there was a lot of losses during that time.

Incredible. Zelensky visited frontline Ukrainian positions near Lysychansk, west of Severodonetsk. That area of Luhansk region—the last under Kyiv control—has seen heavy fighting around the clock in recent weeks. He was briefed on the situation and handed out awards to soldiers.

Zelensky made a similar visit to nearby Soledar, a town known for its salt mine and now in Russia’s crosshairs as it tries to capture Donetsk region. It’s just west of Lysychansk, just north of Bakhmut. It’s been under heavy attacks; residents forced to evacuate.

French journalist killed when an evacuation van from Severodonetsk/Lysychansk was hit by Russian shelling, Luhansk governor Haidai says.

Zelensky went to visit troops in Lysychansk, allegedly operationally surrounded by the Russians, and to Soledar, on the far end of the Donbas frontline, on the same day as the Russian commander of Donetsk “people’s republic” army was killed in the same area.

The guardsmen held out for two months, before retreating to Lysychansk a couple of weeks ago. Many were combat veterans but hadn't experienced anything like this. “It wasn’t Mariupol, but it was pretty close," one man told me. Between 1000-1500 strike a day.

Yesterday, Ukraine pushed back Russian troops from the lysychansk'>Bakhmut-Lysychansk road, the "lifeline" to Russia's key target Sievierodonetsk. Ex-MP, soldier Ihor Lutsenko tells how the news of Ukraine resisting Russian attacks looks like from inside. 🧵

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After fierce battles, Ukraine pushed Russians back to previous positions in Luhansk Obl -RegHead Haidai 🔹 RU retreated near Sievierodonetsk, Toshkivka, Oskolonivka 🔹Another bridge btw Sievierodonetsk& Lysychansk damaged 🔹 UA repulsed 8 attacks 📷 @Nrg8000 

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