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Armed with candy canes and Christmas lights, Lyman residents paraded down Community Street on Saturday to usher in the holiday season.

Not sure why @HLNTV  has been running a marathon of The West Wing all weekend but turning it on in time for the lyman'>LemonLyman dot com episode is … well, now I know what I’ll be doing for the next hour, @BradleyWhitford  …

I’m so excited we were able to get @LymanTweets  to craft this incredible foodie itinerary for Fukuoka, Japan.

Emma Brooke Alley reflects on The Voice. Here's what's next for the singer from Lyman.

A few more new obs came in: ❄ 5 " Timber Lakes ❄ 3 " Oakley ❄ 1 " Lyman, WY ❄ 0.3 " Mantua Our latest obs are always available here: #utwx  #wywx 

Ukraine liberated the towns of Lyman and Yampil in the Donetsk region in early October. Locals told us about life under occupation and about the difficulties they face now that their towns are in ruins and they are forced to live without necessities like heating and electricity.

Ukraine liberated the towns of Lyman and Yampil in Donetsk Oblast in early October. Locals told @RFERL  about life under occupation and about the difficulties they face now that their towns are in ruins and they are forced to live without necessities.

So fun to get to introduce @BradleyWhitford  to a HUGE door knocking crowd in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Bradley is a Wisconsin native, but I reminded him that lyman'>Josh Lyman was a CONNECTICUT native.

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Family and friends of Jaheim McMillian gathered at the Lyman Community Center in Gulfport Wednesday to remember the teen who lost his life during an officer-involved shooting earlier this month.


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BREAKING: Russia has withdrawn its troops from the once-occupied city of Lyman, as Ukraine's eastern counteroffensive recaptures more territory. Lyman, a key transportation hub, was an important site in the Russian front for communications and logistics

Zelensky defiant as ever in tonight’s address, boasting about Ukraine’s liberation of Lyman and saying the counteroffensive will continue. “There were more Ukrainian flags in the Donbas this week. There will be even more next week.” He also jabs at Putin and military generals.

Papers signed in the Kremlin don't determine who has sovereignty over Ukrainian lands. Ukrainian soldiers marching on Lyman do.

We were the first journalists to visit liberated Lyman, where locals rejoice and loot Russian stores, corpses of ambushed Russian troops lay on the roads, and Ukrainian troops make a bonfire of Russian referendum posters. Photos by @ManuBrabo ⁩

Russia's defense ministry has confirmed it withdrew from Lyman, less than 24 hours after Putin claimed the area as part of Russia. This is a major setback. Clearly mobilization and rhetorical escalation aren't enough to turn the battlefield tide yet.

BREAKING: Ukraine's president Zelensky says city of Lyman is now under the control of Ukrainian forces

ukrainian troops enter previously russian-occupied city of lyman with a decidedly monty python vibe

It’s not every day you meet a Ukrainian soldier named Hussein who speaks fluent English. His father is Lebanese, his mother is from the east, where he grew up. He’s now fighting near Lyman. He’s an electrical engineer, and has lived all over, including 12 years in Texas.

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Situation in Lyman deteriorated overnight. I’m with Ukrainian forces, police, medics evacuating civilians & it’s near-constant artillery duels. American M777 howitzers working nearby, troops say. People fleeing are distraught, describe desperation. 100+ evacuated so far today.

A Russian air strike near Barvinkove has hit the only Ukraine-controlled railway exit from Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Lyman, stalling evacuations from Donbas, says Ukrzaliznytsia board chair Oleksandr Kamyshin. He called the rail line the "road of life" for 10s of 1000s of civilians.