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Russia announced air strikes in the east and in Lviv in the west as Western intelligence predicted its campaign in eastern Ukraine would stall amid heavy losses and fierce resistance.

#Russian  missiles also destroyed “military infrastructure facilities” in the #Yavoriv  district of western #Ukraine , near the Polish border, the governor of the #Lviv  region said. Lviv is a gateway for Western-supplied weapons to #Ukraine . (AP)

VIDEO: Fleeing Ukraine, Natalia Ivanovska left her cello with her parents in Lviv -- it was too dangerous to try to carry it. But thanks to an unprecedented initiative by the Philharmonie de Paris concert hall, she has been able to rediscover the joy of playing in an orchestra

The mayor of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv Maksym Kozytsky said four Russian missiles hit military infrastructure near the border with Poland on Sunday

We fled our home in Lviv . . . and landed in a billionaire’s mansion | News | The Sunday Times#borisbecker  #backlash  🤔

The puppet 'Little Amal', an international symbol of child refugees, visited the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war: Finland will apply for Nato membership; missile strike destroys Lviv military facility – live

Saturday night was always time for the trendy youth of Lviv to sip cocktails on the terrace or lose themselves in the rhythms of the basement DJ at "People Place"

We fled our home in Lviv . . . and landed in a billionaire’s mansion | News | The Sunday Times

The puppet 'Little Amal', an international symbol of child refugees, visited the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine


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The first wedding dance of Viktor and Oksana in the Lviv hospital ward. Oksana, a 23-year-old nurse from Lysychansk, lost her legs on 27 March. Then Oksana had turned to warn Viktor of the danger, and within a second a Russian mine exploded under her

Outside Lviv station, which is thronging with exhausted refugees fleeing war in eastern Ukraine, an accomplished pianist is playing “What a Wonderful World.” It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Easter is Sunday in Ukraine! Today our partners started delivering Easter kits to refugees. It is so important to maintain traditions… giving hope that there are still bright moments after 60 days of war. This is Lviv…but we will have presents all over Ukraine! #ChefsForUkraine 

Alexander’s tearful farewell with family #Kyiv  railway station. They’re going to relative safety in Lviv, he’s staying to fight. Wouldn’t let go of a toy ambulance his 8 year old son gave him as he put them on the train. #ukraine  more later on @BBCNews ⁩ @BBCWorld ⁩

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As @Ukraine  celebrates Orthodox Eastern on Sunday we have many partners of @WCKitchen  doing tens of thousands of Eastern traditional cakes and eggs. This video is from one of the amazing team of of our beloved Yulia Stefanyuk in Lviv #ChefForUkraine  #FoodFighters 

A wonderful note about Lviv from someone born here - "You can be born in the Austro-Hungarian empire, educated in Poland, married under the Third Reich, work and retire in the USSR and draw your pension in Ukraine and never have left the town.. LVIV"

While I am in the relative safety of Lviv…I am so amazed by the meals our @WCKitchen  partners are cooking in cities under attack! In Kyiv, Hospitality in Humanity prepared meat & potato filled Ukrainian pyrizhky for orphanages! #ChefsForUkraine  UA

Reporting in from Ukraine! I’m here at one of our @WCKitchen  sandwich lines…Here we are producing 10,000 sandwiches every day for the train station as refugees arrive & for the shelters here in Lviv. Made fresh, I can tell you…man they look really good! 😋 #ChefsForUkraine  UA

Day 18 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine begins with more attacks. Lviv’s mayor’s office confirms to me that there was a missile strike on Yavoriv’s military facilities before daybreak. Yavoriv is a military town 10 miles from Poland and home to an international training facility.

In Lviv, Ukrainians pay respects to 4 troops killed in Russia’s missile attack on the military base in Yavoriv. Among killed was Kyrylo Vyshyvaniy, whose brother was killed on March 3 in another Russian attack. Their heartbroken mother cried as she followed her older son’s casket