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Well, Paramount Pictures insisted on including a white actor. In the film, Anderson an employee at a fast-food restaurant. “I love Louie, but I think we were forced to put Louie in it,” Hall. Here's how the awkward conversation took place:

Atty. Louie Santos, counsel for trade unionist Rodrigo Esparago, journalist Lady Ann Salem’s co-accused, says Esparago will also be released as there is no other pending case against him before any court. | via @InaReformina 

While reminiscing about working on “Coming to America,” Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall shared new details about the casting process for their 1988 classic. They said Louie Anderson was tapped because Paramount Pictures insisted on including a white actor

louie marschik'>Major Louie Marschik says most fatal fires occur at night while people are still sleeping. This is why smoke alarms are your best line of defense.

Eddie Murphy plans to return to standup post-pandemic: "There’s so many comics in 'Coming 2 America.' I’d love to do a tour with all the comedians: me, Arsenio, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Trevor Noah, Jermaine Fowler, Louie Anderson, Michael Blackson."

More from last night. This is a GOP member getting a Red "No" vote card from the Well, and trying to cast it for another Republican. This member walks over to stand with Rep. Louie Gohmert R-TX on the left of the picture, and the clerk refuses to accept it.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked them Monday about comic LouieAnderson’s involvement in the franchise, Murphy and Hall revealed the real reason why Anderson was tapped

⚡️ “The sad reason why Louie Anderson was cast in 'Coming to America'”

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“Not all streets are like Sesame Street. … What we are seeing is people saying 'enough is enough.' They want to end racism.” @elmo ’s dad Louie explains why people are protesting across the US. #CNNSesameStreet 

louie gohmert'>Rep Louie Gohmert R-TX being cancelled by leftist media for inciting violence by literally quoting Nancy Pelosi verbatim is the most 2021 thing ever.

"Taking down names & kicking ass" - Rep. Mo Brooks. "Lightly threaten them" - Rep. Madison Cawthorne "Our 1776" - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene "Go to the streets and be... violent" - Rep. Louie Gohmert *** 14th Amend: Can't serve in Congress having "engaged in insurrection"

Louie Gohmert just flipped the script read NancyPelosi's own words calling for an uprising over the summer. The best part? Democrats are already taking it out of context not realizing they're dunking on Pelosi.

LOOK: #UlyssesPH  leaves Tuguegarao, Cagayan submerged in massive flooding. The city serves as a catch basin for nearby provinces such as Isabela, which is also still flooded a day after the onslaught of the typhoon. (📹: Louie Antonio Films) | via Harris Julio, ABS-CBN News

@LouieGohmertTX1  is a Fantastic Republican from the Great State of Texas! He fully supports our #MAGA  and #KAG  Agenda, Border WALL, Military, Vets, and your Second Amendment. Louie is my friend and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

RIP to the legend Louie Rankin. Glad he got to see his Raptors win their first title. ?

Wishing you well, Louie! And thank you for standing with millions of women who don’t want you coming between them and decisions they make with their doctor. How about this: you stay out of their doctor’s office and we stay out of yours.

Grammy-award winning artist/actor Louie Rankin has died in a car crash in Canada. R.I.P ? ????

I’ve always thought telling my children I served with civil rights icons like John Lewis & Elijah Cummings would be the highlight of my time in Congress. But now, I can share the time Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohhmert, & Steve King sat in an air-conditioned SCIF and ate pizza for 5 hrs.