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The British government is monitoring the trial of Kashmiri separatist leader #YasinMalik  very closely, #UK  Foreign Office minister Tariq Ahmad told the House of Lords on Tuesday.

It is my duty to report the Lords / Michael Gove exchange has been upgraded from “tiff” to “ding dong”

So, at a glance, the UK is introducing legislation to replace the Protocol with a "new, revised Protocol". This approach can be traced all the way back to @DavidGHFrost 's hardline BIA, Lisbon and Lords speeches last Sept/Oct

In an appearance before the Lords yesterday, @afneil  praised the BBC's performance in the face of real-term cuts and defended it against claims of partisan bias But he also called for the replacement of the licence fee with a new form of public funding

Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer warns that the House of Lords will block Liz Truss' changes to the Northern Ireland protocol if they break international law. @AndrewMarr9  | @LordCFalconer 

Lord Falconer has told LBC that plans to tear up the post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland "won't get through the House of Lords" if found to break international law

Lord Falconer has told LBC that plans to tear up the post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland "won't get through the House of Lords" if found to break international law

Councillor calls for the House of Lords to be relocated to Sunderland

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The Speaker is right: Parliament requires radical reform. We need: 🗳 PR for the Commons 🗳Abolition of the unelected Lords replaced by a Senate of the Nations and Regions 🗳Major devolution of power to the English regions

A lot of what might be called quite serious people appear profoundly troubled by what the Tory party is seeking to do right now. From archbishops, to Lords, Rabbis, academics and others they are all worried by what I will name, which is the advance of fascism.

No.10 broke precedent and snubbed Britain’s first black archbishop for a peerage because it says the House of Lords is too large, but it made room for Ian Botham, Claire Fox and Theresa May’s husband. Blatant institutional prejudice #BlackLivesMatter 

And in the spirit of transparency here is a text to me from @Keir_Starmer : ‘Congratulations on your elevation to the House of Lords. All best wishes, Keir.’

Tory MPs just voted *again* to ban protests which are "too noisy" - a direct assault on our democracy & precious #RightToProtest . Just hope it gets reinstated in the Lords (who ironically seem to be doing a much better job at defending civil liberties than Commons) #PolicingBill 

Last night Conservative MPs voted against a Lords amendment to the Environment Bill that would have made it illegal for water companies to dump raw sewage into our rivers. They disdain us, they disdain this country, all they care about is profit for their pals.

#HandsOffOurNHS On Monday, the Tories voted against protecting our NHS from trade deals. They betrayed us. They betrayed our NHS. This petition calls on the House of Lords to amend the Trade Bill ?

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...travesty that is taking place in allowing millions of people to easily meander through their country and INVADE the U.S., not to mention the Drugs & Human Trafficking pouring in through Mexico. Are the Drug Lords, Cartels & Coyotes really running Mexico? We will soon find out!

Don’t be intimidated by what’s against you. The battle is not yours; it’s the Lords. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He allowed that situation so He can display His awesome power.

We can confirm that both the House of Commons and the House of Lords will sit tomorrow at their normal times.