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Victoria records 980 new local COVID-19 cases and seven deaths EjnmgDF6E5#COVID19Vic 

Illegal mining has exploded in the Amazon in the past few years, poisoning the water and threatening the health and lives of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The Brazilian government cannot allow this destruction to go on.

Victoria has recorded 980 new local COVID-19 cases and seven deaths

A woman has been arrested after deputies said she was discovered passed out and impaired inside her vehicle in the parking lot of a local elementary school

A man was taken into custody after allegedly leading law enforcement officers on a chase in Marion on Friday. He had been reportedly been acting with “inappropriate and aggressive behavior” toward employees and customers at local businesses.

2 Local women give NOLA singles a chance at love this Christmas

A local organization held its annual 5K, where many gathered for a fun Saturday morning.

Local artists gather to paint a mural celebrating Cincinnati's 'vibrancy, diversity and fraternity'

Welcome to our newest Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, Savannah Airport Commission! Your organization or business can join over 95 local WRN Ambassadors to help promote weather safety and preparedness. Learn more & sign up here:  #scwx  #gawx  #savwx  #chswx 

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NEW TODAY: A 9-year-old boy was shot in the arm by a bullet in Mobile Friday night. The boy was in his living room when the bullet struck him inside his home. He was transported to a local hospital with non-life threating injuries.


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The class of 2020 is unlike any other. In ways big and small, global and local, young people are making their mark on the world and driving lasting change in their communities. Keep raising your voices. Keep inspiring each other. Keep going. @BTS_twt  #Throwback  #DearClassOf2020 

JUST IN: 2 local friends see each other unexpectedly on the street in New York City

I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments.

The Swing States did not even come close to following the dictates of their State Legislatures. These States “election laws” were made up by local judges & politicians, not by their Legislatures, & are therefore, before even getting to irregularities & fraud, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Protect yourself and your community from coronavirus with common sense precautions: wash your hands, stay home when sick and listen to the @CDCgov  and local health authorities. Save the masks for health care workers. Let’s stay calm, listen to the experts, and follow the science.

Success: Since the National Guard moved into Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days ago, there has been NO FURTHER VIOLENCE, not even a small problem. When legally asked to help by local authorities, the Federal Government will act and quickly succeed. Are you listening Portland?

Check out this Mail-In Voting experiment by a local news station!

Homeland Security is not leaving Portland until local police complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators!

If you want to take concrete action, but you’re not sure how, we’ve created a site to connect you with useful resources and organizations who’ve been fighting the good fight at the local and national levels for years.

I’m here on Flavortown Island checkin’ out a joint run by local legend, Tom Nook! Unlike the homes around here, you won’t have to take out a loan to afford these dishes ?

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