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Labour challenges Liz Truss over benefits to UK from Japan trade deal

You've sold us out! Labour lashes out at Liz Truss over Japan trade deal - furious letter

Labour challenges Liz Truss over benefits to UK from Japan trade deal

"How fitting it is to be in the Land of the Rising Sun to welcome in the dawn of a new era of free trade," British International Trade Secretary Liz Truss told reporters at a signing ceremony in Tokyo.

Here's my recent column on what we do and don't know about the Japan-UK trade deal and why Liz Truss may not be so keen on letting the public judge for itself...

As far as I can tell, the government appears to have signed this trade deal without even publishing the text. The only details are contained in a UK government press release. Why the secrecy? What has Liz Truss got to hide?

“How fitting it is to be in the land of the rising sun to welcome in the dawn of a new era of free trade,” British Trade Secretary Liz Truss said.

Brexit boost for US-UK trade talks as Liz Truss provides update on vital deal #Brexit 

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. @afneil  "You had a plan to build 200,000 starter homes. How many did you build?" Liz Truss: "There haven't been as many as we'd have liked... I don't have the exact number" AN: "How many did you build? ... It's easy to remember. It's 0. You built none"

liz truss'>Leaked Liz Truss letter warns that Boris Johnson's Brexit border plans risk smuggling, legal challenge and global reputational damage

?️“I don’t know the precise details of exactly what we will do, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you” The moment International Trade Secretary Liz Truss tells @Emmabarnett  she doesn’t know how the UK will legally achieve a No Deal Brexit ?Read more

“We’re just not sure if Rishi Sunak is competent enough to be in the cabinet” say people unaware that it also features Liz Truss, Dominic Raab and Priti Patel.

Oh yes. Because when I interviewed Boris Johnson during his Tory leadership bid I only asked him what his favourite colour was. Did you see my interview with liz truss'>Tory Liz Truss last week? I think you used to be a footballer. Stick to kicking balls.

Eric Pickles going absolutely wild for Liz Truss’s speech

Liz Truss apologises for a third accidental Saudi arms sale, and will try her hardest not to do it again before Monday.

Eddie: “What about people who have changed their minds on Brexit?” Liz Truss: “I don’t think people have changed their minds” Eddie: “You have” Liz Truss: “I have, thats true…”

Liz Truss tells Clarke's customs union "lost by more [than May's deal] and people are still trying to bring that back". Except it didn't. It lost by less (6 vote defeat to May's 58 vote defeat). Liz is Chief Secretary to the Treasury, in charge of numbers + stuff.

Liz Truss there, selling her soul in the hope of securing a post in a Cabinet led by a cheat & charged with imposing the biggest act of national political & economic self-harm in history. Phrases like ‘career before country’ can seem a bit glib & hollow sometimes. Not these days.