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Labour's Lisa Nandy says the health secretary spent "the first five minutes of a 25 minute call having a go at Andy Burnham" and adds the government needs to recognise 'Andy Burnham is popular in the North of England, Matt Hancock is not'. #KayBurley 

lisa nandy'>Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy says "it genuinely feels like this Government is actively working against us to inflict harm on its citizens" For more on this and other news visit

'Why did PM personally attack GM when they knew we were right?' - Wigan MP Lisa Nandy. Coronavirus LIVE updates

"I genuinely hope" Govt is still offering £60m to Greater Manchester, says Lisa Nandy, shadow Foreign Secretary, "it's fundamentally not the case" any local leaders walked away from talks...Andy Burnham asked for £65m & Govt shut down the talks" #R4Today 

Shadow Foreign Secretary and MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy reveals the ‘chaotic’ discussions that have led to Manchester being forced into Tier 3 restrictions from Friday.

"This is absolutely bizarre from the government." Shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, claims that the government is actively working 'to inflict harm on its own citizens'. Latest on #COVID19 :

"This is just not the way to deal with a city region which is on it's knees" Labour MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy tells #BBCBreakfast  they're asking the government to come back to the table and "behave responsibly"

"[They're] trying to divide us from one another" Labour MP for Wigan Lisa Nandy tells #BBCBreakfast  central government want to negotiate separately with local councils but she believes that'll have an impact on everyone in Greater Manchester.


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Block China’s seat on human rights council over Uighurs, urges Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy on @timesradio  has just told me China should be excluded, entirely, from any role in building the UK’s 5G network AND from Britain’s nuclear energy construction programme. The domestic political ante just went up!

Lisa Nandy says the government needs to set out "concrete measures" it wants the Hong Kong and Chinese governments to take, such as an independent investigation into police brutality. #KayBurley  Read today's top stories here:

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy tells @bbclaurak  that members of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership team "made it very clear" they would wage factional war within the party, "until the other side had been crushed" #LabourLeadership 

Lisa Nandy MP says Labour cannot give this #Brexit  message to Leave-voting towns like hers: “We are now going to give you a second go at this, that you did not ask for and you did not want” as it is “breaking our democracy” #politicslive 

Labour MPs backing Brexit bill: Kevin Barron Sarah Champion Rosie Cooper Jon Cruddas Gloria de Piero Jim Fitzpatrick Caroline Flint Mike Hill Dan Jarvis Emma Lewell-Buck John Mann Grahame Morris Lisa Nandy Mel Onn Stephanie Peacock Jo Platt Ruth Smeeth Laura Smith Gareth Snell

"This could be the final breach of trust with voters who have been moving away from the Labour party for some time." Labour MP Lisa Nandy says Leave voters will be "very, very angry" if the party backs a second EU referendum "with really only Remain on the ballot".