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Public health expert linda bauld'>Professor Linda Bauld said there was now “some cause for concern”

Boris Johnson gave incorrect advice on support bubbles during today's coronavirus briefing - public health professor Linda Bauld clarifies the guidelines. @eddiemair 

Linda Bauld, Professor of Public Health, University of Edinburgh, says evidence suggests masks help stop infection & "we would want to see the customers wearing masks & the staff wearing masks, visors or standing behind perspex screens" in shops #R4Today 

On social distancing, linda bauld'>Professor Linda Bauld - a public health expert from the University of Edinburgh - told Politics Scotland that employers will need “crystal clear guidance on how far apart workers have to be so they can make sure their workers are safe” #coronavirus 

Public Health professor Linda Bauld tells LBC why she thinks wearing face coverings in public should be made mandatory in England. @TomSwarbrick1  | @LindaBauld 

@aurelmondon  "We are already hearing from the police that this case is being used as an excuse by those gathering in groups and not maintaining social distancing. " - linda bauld'>Professor Linda Bauld, University of Edinburgh.

Public health expert Linda Bauld now giving evidence to MSPs She says in time, we may discover that longer term health impacts of our approach to Covid-19 (including lockdown) may prove to be worse than the virus itself

“In the next few weeks we need to be shifting away from this (lockdown), opening smaller shops... Some of the basic behavioural interventions, like hand-washing, you're going to have to sustain those for the long term" University of Edinburgh's linda bauld'>Professor Linda Bauld#Newsnight 

Professor of Public Health, Linda Bauld, talks through the kind of care that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be receiving and what it feels like to be a patient at this stage of coronavirus. Listen on @BBCSounds : #5LiveBreakfast 

Should we follow other European countries in closing schools and public venues to fight #coronavirus ? @LauraMaxwell16  spoke to public health professor Linda Bauld on #BBCGMS  Listen live 📻 uk #covid ー19uk #coronavirusuk