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It's fascinating to look at who would be Premier League Champions if the 'Big Six' were excluded (doesn't it look more interesting?) 2020 Leicester 2019 Wolves 2018 Burnley 2017 Everton 2016 Leicester 2015 Southampton 2014 Everton 2013 Everton 2012 Newcastle 2011 Everton

Wonder how the European Super League idea has gone down at Leicester: 5 years ago they showed why the Premier League can be so exciting and unpredictable by winning the title: more recently than United, Arsenal & Spurs. Not even consulted. What an absolute joke 🤯

(7) What the Big 6 can’t stomach is only having 4 CL spots. 6 into 4 doesn’t go. And because of workload in the Europa, plus their own poor decisions, they’re vulnerable to ‘upstarts’ like Leicester & West Ham taking those spots anyway. Owners hate that. But it’s why we love it!!

How much competitive balance is there, really, beyond rare stories like Leicester? American model built on "Law & Order" of Competitive Balance: Salary Caps, restraints on Free Agency, Draft, etc. European model has none of that, only vague UEFA limits on spending. And it shows.

(5) A Premier League without the Big 6? Weird, yes. Devalued, of course. But some amazing Football clubs in it; Everton, Leeds, Newcastle, Villa, Leicester, West Ham, Wolves etc. Maybe not globally appealing, but an extremely competitive league, that their fans would enjoy.


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Amazing scenes watching Leicester City lift the trophy. Love it !

Up early for the Leicester , Arsenal game !! ⚽️

Doin a charity football game at Leicester city's stadium on the 26th of may , Louis and liam are on my team , I'll be the manager!

leicester'>Congratulations Leicester city. What a story .fantastic players, fantastic manager . Enjoy .

Also . Congratulations to man united for getting a point at Leicester , not many teams are getting that

Leicester can barely afford to stay in the premier league and then their chairman lands a helicopter on the pitch after the game! Cool cool

YES! If Leicester win the @premierleague  I'll do the first MOTD of next season in just my undies.

Amazinggggg day today! Can't wait to see all of you later in Leicester Square!!! #1dmoviepremiere 

After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad.

Leicester square tonight! U can all turn to eachother and be like "we did this" so thank you so much