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Raila Odinga reportedly cut short his Coast tour after President Uhuru Kenyatta asked him to represent him at a Mt Kenya business leaders’ meeting.

Lok Janshakti Patry (LJP) leader Chirag Paswan holds a meeting with party leaders at their office in Delhi.

#Virginia state leaders, advocates answer questions about marijuana legalization #News3Politics 

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As Prime Minister Modi prepares to meet political leaders from Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi on June 24, he could face questions on what his government has accomplished on the ground since June 2018.

Lok Janshakti Patry (LJP) leader Chirag Paswan holds a meeting with party leaders at their office in Delhi. (ANI)

Planning is underway to improve a dangerous intersection in Haywood County and the flow of traffic. Local leaders said it's needed, but they also worry about economic disruptions during construction.

From physical to mental health, #Yoga  has many untold benefits. Watch first-hand accounts of leaders who have imbibed Yoga & transformed their lives #IDY2021  #InternationalYogaDay2021  @blitzkreigm  @SanjeevKapoor  @SupermarketWala  @Swa_Kel  @CNBCTV18Live 

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The CEOs’ call to action is the latest indicator of business leaders’ growing willingness to speak out on political, social, and environmental issues.

This week, when San Francisco city leaders set the long-awaited timetable for the return of its iconic cable cars following a fifteen month pandemic break, no one was more excited than the crews who run the 15,000 pound wooden ambassadors.

EU warns Lebanon’s leaders of sanctions over ‘home-made’ crisis


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??????? We’re at #UNGA  with 7 special guests… . For the last year they have been supporting our campai #ENDviolencen . Today, they addressed world leaders. Check out our Instagram Story → #GenUnlimited  #BTSARMY  #BTSxUnitedNations 

??? & have inspired millions through our campaign. Today, they #ENDviolenceteamed  up with & world leaders to launch - a new partnership to ensure every young person is in education, training or employment by 2030. #UNGA 

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Thai officials imposed an emergency decree in Bangkok, banning gatherings of five or more people. At least three protest leaders were arrested.

Today, domestic terrorists attacked a foundation of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power following free elections. We must reestablish the rule of law and hold them accountable. Democracy is fragile. Our leaders must live up to their responsibility to protect it.

....Can you imagine if the Republicans stole a Presidential Election from the Democrats - All hell would break out. Republican leadership only wants the path of least resistance. Our leaders (not me, of course!) are pathetic. They only know how to lose! P.S. I got MANY Senators..

To the leaders of Iran - DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!

Interesting how ANTIFA and other Far Left militant groups can take over a city without barely a wimpier from soft Do Nothing Democratleadership, yet these same weak leaders become RADICAL when it comes to shutting down a state or city and its hard working, tax paying citizens!

Not everybody can stay home, and we owe a big debt of gratitude to health professionals, transit and airport workers, first responders, and everyone keeping our communities going. Leaders have to step up to support people whose lives and livelihoods take a hit in the weeks ahead.

Where is Congress? Where is the Supreme Court? Where are the mayors and governors? Living former presidents? Where are the university presidents, foundation heads, religious leaders, corporate leaders, union heads, editors and publishers? All must stand up to Trump’s madness.

In moments of crisis, we look out for one other. And we need leaders with empathy who will bring people together rather than drive them apart. @JoeBiden  has the character and experience to guide us through one of our darkest times and heal us through a long recovery.