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Meet one of the youngest warriors you'll ever get to know. @perezreports  has more on Latino communities struggling to find bone marrow donors and matches, as we follow 9-year-old Alfredo Diaz, who is battling a rare genetic disorder. @NewsGarcia 

A scrapyard relocated from Chicago’s affluent North Side to its working-class South Side, igniting a controversy over race, class and politics. Some protesters in the Latino community risked everything.

Many students fell behind academically after more than a year of pandemic learning. The losses are most severe among Black, Latino and low-income students — and that’s the majority at Chicago Public Schools.

Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play: #QuestionBuilder  in Spanish, a free app from #AHRQ  that can help Latino patients get the most out of their medical appointments.

Each year, the Latino Scholarship Program at the University of South Florida adds 40 new students and funds 100 returning recipients. All told, more than $4.2 million in scholarships has been awarded to more than 600 students.

None of the maps proposed by members of the state Redistricting Commission would create a Yakima Valley district where most eligible voters are Latino, a new analysis finds.

Elementary school reading scores dropped 7 percentage points overall, while gaps between Black and Latino students and white and Asian classmates grew to 26 percentage points or more, a first-of-its-kind Times analysis shows.

Andrew Dunn-Bauman amplifies Astros’ Latino voices “Just to be able to lend that kind of support and a little bit of a safety blanket for players is huge for me," @ADBinMKE  says #Astros  #ALCS  #ForTheH  @OurEsquina  #DirtyWater  #MLB 

In-person or #telehealth  appointments are more efficient when patients prepare their questions ahead of time. QuestionBuilder in Spanish can help Latino patients do that & more. Download the free app today.

"At the Ready" Review: Young Latino Students Groomed for Border-Patrol Jobs in Chilling Documentary


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"Why didn't you stay in Mexico?" A Latino dad was harassed by a white man at a school meeting in Michigan organized to address recent racist incidents in the district.

A bail relief crowdfund set up by @viewsfromnas  has raised over $43,000 for The Bail Project. 70% of people in U.S. jails are pretrial — most unable to afford bail and disproportionately POC. Black/Latino men are systemically given higher bail than white men for similar crimes.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez, who is black and Latino, and his team were arrested by officers early this morning in Minneapolis. Not far away, CNN journalist Josh Campbell, who is white, says he was "treated much differently."

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Black and Latino people in the U.S. are 3 times as likely to contract the coronavirus than their white neighbors — and nearly twice as likely to die, according to new data we obtained by suing the CDC

Almost 8,000 ballots in Georgia and Florida have been flagged for errors or rejection, reports @NBCNews  — most of them cast by Black, Asian and Latino voters. So far, at least 1,565 mail-in ballots in Georgia have been rejected. About 50% of them are from Black voters.

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NEW: Biden draws distinction between diversity within Black and Latino communities, telling @NPR’s@lourdesgnavarro  that “unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes.."

Here's a radical idea. Instead of arresting poor Americans — disproportionately African American and Latino — for possessing marijuana, let's start prosecuting the crooks on Wall Street for laundering money for drug cartels, suspected terrorists and corrupt foreign officials.

Joe Biden: ‘Unlike the African American Community ... the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community‘ via . Wow! Joe Biden just @BreitbartNewsost  the entire African American community. What a “dumb” thing to say!

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says black, Latino & other people of color should "avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs." "We need you to step up," he says. Some will find this language offensive after Adams stressed that behavior was not the issue for why more black ppl are dying.