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Remains of the late president Fidel V. Ramos is now being brought to the Libingan ng mga Bayani as supporters clad in white watch over from the sidewalk. (📷RTVM) | @MB_unite 

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Breaking News: Olivia Newton-John, who sang some of the biggest hits of the 1970s and ’80s while recasting her image as the virginal girl next door into a spandex-clad vixen — a transformation reflected by her starring role in “Grease” — has died at 73.

Just finished putting the drywall primer on, now we wait 2 hours and put the latex paint on 🙏 I may be able to make the space workable this week and I’ll finally be able to show some of the stuff I’ve been working on

Clad in a cowboy hat and a vest with an “I Voted” sticker, Dick Cheney, the man who literally has no heart is now attempting to play the part of a wise old cowboy warning of the threats Trumpism poses to our democracy.

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you must read "Iron Clad Discipline" It will teach you how to - Not rely on motivation - Become disciplined overnight - Quit procrastinating Click here to achieve your dream life: (aff)

'Fun in the sun' Bikini-clad Joan Collins, 89, in smitten display with husband, 56

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The Orioles' recent success reminds some former players of earlier times, when they stepped inside Camden Yards during playoff pushes and heard the roar of orange-clad fans. Perhaps those times aren’t far from becoming the norm once again.

A ram-raiding thief has smashed his way into a business in Melbourne’s south east. He stole laptops and computers from the Mulgrave warehouse, on June 14. He was wearing a latex mask resembling the Freddy Krueger movie character. #7NEWS 


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The 20-foot-tall diaper-clad Donald Trump baby blimp has been “consigned to history” at The Museum of London

#WATCH Bomb hurled at CRPF bunker by a burqa-clad woman in Sopore yesterday #Jammu &Kashmir (Video source: CRPF)

A Supreme Court Justice has been missing for a week after iron-clad evidence has surfaced of his wife conspiring to overthrow the government I mean this is such a nothingburger story, right?

#WATCH Troops of the Indian Army performed 'Khukuri Dance' in the snow-clad ranges of the Tangdhar sector in the Kupwara district of north Kashmir. Video source: Indian Army

Soldiers in yellow clad are seen on Ratchadamneon Nok Avenue near Government House. #BangkokPost  #Thailand  #politics  #WhatsHappeninglnThailand 

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Peaceful Protest Interrupted By Swarm Of Aggressive Black-Clad Militants

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HERE IT IS: Iron-clad proof that unelected deep-state bureaucrats believe they run the country, not the President: Alex Vindman: "It is my job to coordinate US policy." No, it fucking is not. Vindman's job is to *implement* President Trump's foreign policy. Period Thats it

Weird to see the white-clad Dems/socialists refuse applause for the high employment numbers and those lifted off of food stamps. Judging by their reaction these are bad things. #SOTU 

Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Pro swings to store shelves on September 7 alongside Marvel's Spider-Man, clad in Amazing Red. First details: #SpiderManPS4 

Yesterday I saw on a channel that on Sri Ram Navmi some saffron clad ppl gathered outside a Delhi Mosque with swords&raised inciting slogans,later it was revealed that they belonged to AAP. It is a clear attempt to vitiate atmosphere: Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister

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