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Florida's anti-press bill attacking the right to criticize the wealthy and powerful advanced through the House Subcommittee on Civil Justice with a 14-4 vote. Republican legislators unwilling to stand up to DeSantis and oppose this bill will regret it.

Republican liar George Santos files paperwork to run for re-election AGAIN in 2024

Teachers, colleagues, neighbours face #Soviet  era denunciations for opposing war against #Ukraine  in occupied #Crimea  and #Russia  #LetMyPeopleGo  #Bielozierov  #StandWithUkraine  #StopRussia 

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Live performances are a form of free expression. To get around this, Republican lawmakers have added language to focus on drag performances that are “obscene” or “sexually explicit,” because obscenity is not protected under First Amendment rights.

"We, as much as anything, need to be a nation that's encouraging a work ethic again." @RepBrecheen  joins @_brittanylewis  on Forbes Newsroom to discuss the Republican party and the budget.

ProPublica's 2022 annual report is an inspiring document, a wonderful testament to my amazing colleagues and the strong work they do every day. I hope you'll check it out: ❤️

The Republican-backed candidate in Wisconsin's high-stakes race for state Supreme Court accused his liberal opponent Tuesday of slandering him in a barrage of television ads that initially focused on his

"When people reason together, we can come up with solutions." @RepBrecheen  joins @_brittanylewis  on Forbes Newsroom to discuss the current state of the Republican party.

New York Rep. George Santos, the embattled freshman Republican who has faced a slew of scandals following his election, has filed paperwork to run again in 2024.


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To independent-minded voters: Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the Presidency is Democratic.

In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican. Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold … 🍿

BREAKING: 88 of Amy Coney Barrett’s faculty colleagues at Notre Dame have released a letter saying she should withdraw from consideration for the Supreme Court.

We are voting to protect kids from the next school shooting. Every GOP member is opposed. So I asked my GOP colleagues, "Who are you here for? Our kids or the killers."

Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters,

Reports are coming out of the 12th Congressional District of Georgia that Dominion Machines are not working in certain Republican Strongholds for over an hour. Ballots are being left in lock boxes, hopefully they count them. Thank you Congressman @rickallen !

The “Surrender Caucus” within the Republican Party will go down in infamy as weak and ineffective “guardians” of our Nation, who were willing to accept the certification of fraudulent presidential numbers!

Our Republican Senate just missed the opportunity to get rid of Section 230, which gives unlimited power to Big Tech companies. Pathetic!!! Now they want to give people ravaged by the China Virus $600, rather than the $2000 which they so desperately need. Not fair, or smart!

Can we at least recognize that “Court Packing” at all levels of the judiciary has been the Republican playbook for decades? Asking for Merrick Garland.

Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as “Mixed Martial Art” today. I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition. I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement. Proper Pina Coladas on me fellas!