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"The area would be instantly recognisable as a single entity for promotion of tourism through having a globally recognisable city at its heart with a network of great market towns and a world recognised landscape with two national parks"

There's a plan to improve the city's scarred landscape and reputation

In 2016, Matt Shaw and Will Trossell set out to the Yosemite Valley with terrestrial laser scanners to capture over 150 scans of the landscape, many from the same vantage points as Ansel Adams, Carleton Watkins, and Eadweard Muybridge. Watch on YouTube:

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Catch Deepa Krishnan, @arvindrp , and Srinivas Adapa in conversation with @sonalikrishna  as they discuss the current QSR landscape in India, the growth of multi-channels during the pandemic & the shift in dine-in vs delivery only on @brandequitylive  at 2:30 pm

Deserts cover nearly one-third of the earth's landmass but we're still unsure what to make of them. An empty wasteland or a beautiful landscape? IDEAS producer Matthew Lazin-Ryder explores our historically complicated relationship with deserts.

Finished up reading the European Commission's Digital Markets Act. Wow. If passed as is, it will completely shake up the monopolised digital landscape we have today. Question - does anyone have a decent list of companies they think will be regarded as gatekeepers?

The Horn of Africa is an integral part of the Middle East’s security landscape, and increasingly so. No country demonstrates this more clearly than Ethiopia by and Jeffrey Feltman @paytonknopf 

#MORE  : A decision on the CDU-CSU's chancellor-candidate is expected to be made in March, in a move that could reshape the German and European political landscape

WATCH via @RTEArchives  : A look at how the city of Dublin developed 'IrishLandscape' broadcast #OnThisDay  in 1969

Has remote working shifted the work landscape to favour those with a personality preference for introversion?


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Stacey Abrams spent a decade building up Democratic infrastructure in Georgia. Now, as Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock look to flip Georgia’s two Senate seats, many see her as the person most responsible for its shifting political landscape.

Stacey Abrams spent a decade building up Democratic infrastructure in Georgia. Now, as Democrats move closer to flipping both of Georgia’s Senate seats, many see her as the person most responsible for its shifting political landscape.

On the first day of 2021, will be taking part in a programme aimed at transforming India’s urban landscape. Will lay the foundation stone of Light House Projects and distribute PMAY (Urban) and ASHA-India awards. Join Live at 11 AM.

Empathy could quite possibly be one of the most helpful tools in navigating the current landscape. If you are not sure what it is, take a second to study it. If you do know, do your best to use it as much as you can.

The immediate future of the already uncertain and uncomfortable times will bring tremendous challenge to us all. Control the controllable, be the best you that you can be, and use effort to be as calm and logical as possible in this rapidly changing landscape. ❤️

Korean landscape is also very nice. I hope you have a chance to take the picture of it ???

@BTS_twt 's new album 'Map Of The Soul: 7' is further proof of a musical landscape that continues to shift toward streaming.

This 11-year-old absolutely crushes The Bob Ross Challenge, putting his own spin on the artist's landscape stylings

What kind of pathetic weasel creates a shadow Twitter account not, as he claims, to observe the political landscape but rather to PRAISE HIMSELF? Folks, I give you our very own 2012 nominee #PierreDelecto  ! Aka Mitt Romney! Well, at least we know he still has one fan left

When President @realDonaldTrump  was elected, his pro-growth, pro-worker agenda was set to change the economic landscape for many. The Hispanic community is no exception—in fact, they're setting all-time records under President Trump! 1600 Daily:

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