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An eyewitness tells BBC that #EndSARS  protesters were kneeling in surrender when security forces fired on them in Lekki, Lagos

Soldiers open fire on Nigerian protesters in Lagos: witnesses

There have been reports of shooting at the location of an #EndSARS  protest in Lekki, a wealthy suburb of Lagos, Nigeria. A number of people are reported killed and injured.

Soldiers opened fire on Nigerian protesters in the commercial capital Lagos, three witnesses told @Reuters . Demonstrations over police brutality have been ongoing for more than a week

Tonight Nigerian security forces stormed the most prominent site of the #EndSARS  protests in Lagos, firing live rounds & killing several people as the government sought to end two weeks of marches against police brutality. Here's our report - and a thread:

End SARS: Nigerian police 'open fire on protesters' in Lagos after 12 days of anti-police brutality demonstrations

JUST IN: Reports of Nigerian security forces opening fire to disperse protesters in Lagos

The youth-led protests in Nigeria are still growing - and today the #EndSARS  demonstrators managed to essentially shut down Africa's largest city. I'm in Lagos -- here's a link to our latest story and a short thread on why you need to pay attention.

Armed men open fire at #EndSARS  protest site in Nigeria's Lagos as curfew imposed, according to witnesses. Follow the developing story: