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Love to hear your thought on Liz Truss’s Big Gamble - the inside story of the economic gamble she made & the country paid for. Was she solely to blame? What about Kwarteng? The Tory party & the Tory press? The Treasury & the Bank of England ? Listen here

The one bit of the Truss-Kwarteng mini-Budget that deserves to survive: ending the Tory party's war against onshore wind. Tonight's #WaughOnPolitics  is in your inbox.

Matt Hancock had crypto talks with Kwasi Kwarteng months after US jaunt.(striking that he remains a crypto believer, calling for light touch regulation)

What the City called a ‘moron premium’ after the Truss Kwarteng mini-budget is still there, bank chief says

UK mortgage approvals for October fall 10% following Kwarteng’s mini-budget

Bank of England ‘blindsided’ by Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget, says governor

Bank of England ‘blindsided’ by Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget, says governor

UK housing market was turning before the government blew-out the mortgage market but the Truss/Kwarteng Mini Budget had a catalytic effect. Mortgage “approvals” fell to 59,000 in October (66K in Sept, 74K in Aug). “Effective” interest rate paid on freshly drawn mortgages rose…

Dowden paid £8,398 fee by firm of Kwarteng mini-budget party host

Constituent claims Kwasi Kwarteng ‘stole’ his pint and didn’t say sorry


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Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng were told by officials not to do what they did. They thought they knew more than the experts and now the British people are suffering the consequences of their reckless behaviour. Arrogant, inept political vandalism of the worst kind.

Kwasi Kwarteng thought long and hard about all the people who needed help in this country. And he picked on bankers.

In 2019, we wanted to borrow money to fund public, regional, green investment that would pay for itself. Truss and Kwarteng want to borrow money to pay for uncapped bankers' bonuses. This government have crashed the economy. We would have transformed it.

As Liz Truss sacks Kwasi Kwarteng for implementing her own economic policies, millions of people are still waiting for a plan to tackle the cost-of-living emergency. It doesn't matter how many Chancellors they get through, this Tory government is rotten to its very core.

A member of Truss's own cabinet tells me Truss's and Kwarteng's governance is so dire that some Tory MPs would vote against her in a confidence vote, preferring even a general election that cost them their seats to the current economic chaos

@mrjamesob  rebukes Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget: 'If the scales don't fall from your eyes today they never will... they think you are so pathetic that they are going to give people like me more money and have you believe that they are actually helping you.'

Kwasi Kwarteng claims the government inherited “record unemployment” from Labour. But they didn’t. 2010 📈 7.9% 1992 📈 10.7% 1984 📈 11.9%

Kwarteng’s “mistake” cost us £65 billion. And he gets to keep his job? Now tell me another job where you can do that in your first week and your boss says “You crack on”?

Kwasi Kwarteng receives shortest email in recorded history:

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Kwasi Kwarteng delivers on promise to make stamp duty a thing of the past by ensuring nobody can get a mortgage.