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Kurdish-led militia says it has retaken Syrian prison from ISIS

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces regained full control of al-Sina'a prison, but fears for the hundreds of children that were inside the prison when it was first seized by Islamic State inmates still remain

#UPDATE  Kurdish forces on Wednesday retook full control of a prison in northeast Syria where Islamic State group jihadists had been holed up since attacking it six days earlier #Hasakeh 

There are nearly 700 boys detained in a prison in Hasaka, Syria, that a Kurdish-led militia says it has retaken from ISIS. The boys are among tens of thousands of children detained in Syria because their parents belonged to the Islamic State.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Wednesday that it had regained control of al-Sinaa prison, nearly one week after a standoff with the Islamic State (IS). #Kurdistan  #TwitterKurds  #SDF  #Syria  #ISIS  #Sinaaprison 

Kurdish forces retook full control of a prison in northeast #Syria  where Islamic State group jihadists had been holed up since attacking it six days earlier.

Kurdish forces say they have regained control from ISIS of the last section of a prison after a week-long assault

Kurdish-led forces regain control of prison in Syria’s Hasaka


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Meet the Kurdish ninjas who practice traditional Japanese martial arts in the mountains

Iconic photo by @Delilsouleman . As the last U.S. troops pull out of Syria, an American soldier wears a YPJ emblem on his uniform as a sign of solidarity with the Kurdish ally they are leaving behind. (The YPJ is the women's unit of YPG, they fiercely fought ISIS). @akhbar 

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I withdraw from participation in the Sociological Meetings in Ankara in protest against the Turkish attack upon the Kurdish population in Syria. This is a crime against humanity that merits universal condemnation.

Americans deserve to know whether Turkey is using American made & sold F-16s or other lethal weapons to slaughter our Kurdish partners. If so, the President’s betrayal is even worse. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I am demanding answers from the Pentagon.

Kurdish fighters in northern Syria partnered with the U.S. to fight the Islamic State. President Trump's decision on Sunday to allow a Turkish military operation in the region has left them feeling betrayed and fighting alone.

A message of fraternity came from Erbil as well, the city in which I was received by the President of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, @PMNBarzani , and its Prime Minister, by the Authorities and by the people. I thank the dear Kurdish population for their warm welcome.

Today is Kobani Liberation Day. On January 26, 2015 Kurdish fighters, supported by @CJTFOIR  air strikes, liberated Kobani & showed that Daesh wasn’t invincible & denied them a strategic objective. Congratulations to the Kurds for being an example of a reliable, & capable partner

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I have seen this image twice in the last 24 hours - posted first by a Kurdish friend, then by another in Brazil

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The Kurdish language may be restricted in several countries, but dedicated volunteers are working in secret to keep the language alive on Wikipedia. Thanks to them, Wîkîpediya Kurdî has more than 30,000 articles! Learn some Kurdish vocab this #IndigenousDay  ?

This prez walked away from the Iran Nuclear Deal for peace, threatened the "end of Iran," killed top Iranian general w/out AUMF from Congress & abandoned our Kurdish allies fighting ISIS. Americans deserve better answers rather than dangerous disruption in the entire Middle East!