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Kurdish politician and the legitimate governor of Kirkuk, Najmaddin Karim, died of a stroke at a hospital in the United States, his office announced.

Canadian academic caught up in Turkey's anti-Kurdish sweep via @amberinzaman 

A year after launching an incursion into northeast Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the possibility of another offensive against kurdish'>US-backed Kurdish forces in the war-torn country

A human rights group has revealed that Iranian authorities on Thursday executed at least four Kurdish prisoners.

Four members of a Kurdish-Iranian family, including a father, mother and two children, died crossing the English Channel when their boat sank. A 15-month-old boy is still missing. @paraicobrien  spoke the family’s friends.

Iranian border guards on Thursday left a Kurdish porter, also known as Kollbers, wounded in Sardasht, a human rights group revealed.

Four people who died when their boat capsized as they tried to cross the English Channel from France to Britain were reportedly all members of the same Kurdish-Iranian family.

A Kurdish-Iranian family, who died when their migrant boat capsized in the English Channel, were warned not to undertake the perilous voyage because of bad weather conditions

Kurdish prominent leader and former president of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, has congratulated Muslims in Kurdistan and around the globe on the birthday of their prophet.


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I just spoke to a distraught US Special Forces soldier who is among the 1000 or so US troops in Syria tonight who is serving alongside the SDF Kurdish forces. It was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever taken. "I am ashamed for the first time in my career."

Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies. Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the gallant Kurdish people.

Spoke to a professor with deep connections into Kurdish leadership in Syria. I asked him about the mood there after Trump announcement, his answer sent chills: Hurt, betrayed, and angry. They'll all be dead soon...

We may be in the process of leaving Syria, but in no way have we Abandoned the Kurds, who are special people and wonderful fighters. Likewise our relationship with Turkey, a NATO and Trading partner, has been very good. Turkey already has a large Kurdish population and fully....

Thank you General Mazloum for your kind words and courage. Please extend my warmest regards to the Kurdish people. I look forward to seeing you soon. @mustefa2bali 

kurdish'>Syria Kurdish official told us, reacting to Trump’s overnight decision.  “The Americans are traitors. They have abandoned us to a Turkish massacre. We can no longer fight against isis and have to defend ourselves. This could allow isis to return to the region.”

Kurdish commander Gen Mazlum Kobane makes an urgent appeal, telling @NBCNews  Syria's Kurds face what could become “the biggest ethnic cleansing operation of the 21st century... happening in front of the American army's eyes.” He blames Turkey and Trump. Coming up @NBCNightlyNews 

Read the fine print: Turkey gets Syrian Kurd land he’s wanted for years. Kurdish fighters have to disarm and get out. Russia gains influence. ISIS does what it wants. Trump cancels sanctions on Turkey. Art of the deal!!! If you are Erdogan

Syria is complicated, but this is simple. A week ago, our Kurdish partners were secure, ISIS was at bay, and hundreds of their fighters were detained. Then the President talked to Erdogan late one night, and disaster was unleashed. Now we’re scrambling to contain the damage.

A sr military official told me US special forces troops distraught, upset, morally disturbed by having to tell their kurdish allies in Syria that, because of orders, their promises of defense won’t be kept.