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85 people to run 30-hour Westwood race in negative temperatures Saturday@KristinaRex  reports

Kristina has moved all over the UK but settled in south Liverpool and turned her investment into an impressive portfolio

At Power + Flow Studio off McDowell and North Scottsdale roads, the energy is palpable. This now-viral studio may have recently popped up on your social media feed, but it’s been years in the making for Power + Flow CEO and Instructor Kristina Girod.

#MetaFam We are talking with Mark Faulk and Kristina Copeland LIVE! via @YouTube 

"We have a lot of shoppers throughout the year who live right here in Louisville and come to buy gifts, pick up items for Derby-themed parties or items for themselves," said Kristina Jerad, director of retail operations. @derbymuseum  

"I guess we move to the next place," Kristina Harris said. "But we don't know where that's at." Harris lives in Waynesboro's tent city, a homeless encampment near the South River. Residents were evicted on Tuesday. Many aren't sure where they'll go.

FROZEN SAN ANTONIO Here are some photos from the aftermath of this morning's freezing rain that drenched the San Antonio area. PHOTOS: Uly Romero and Kristina DeLeon Send us your weather photos:


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THIS JUST IN: Three top GOP candidates for secretary of state @RealMarkFinchem  (AZ), Jim Marchant (NV), Kristina Karamo (MI)—left the campaign trail this weekend to appear with loony conspiracy theory extremists at FL conference. Please read/RT my latest

Three GOP sec. of state candidates—Mark Finchem, Jim Marchant, Kristina Karamo—are slated to appear at an election denialist conference w/ a white nationalist & loony conspiracy theorists. As the campaign is ending, they're not hiding it. Please read/RT.

HMMM: Kristina Malimon, a former vice chair of the Young Republicans of Oregon who was charged for violating D.C.’s curfew on Jan. 6, sued Thursday prevent the Jan. 6 select committee from obtaining her phone records.

“In the past, Kristina’s situation would have been dealt with much earlier in pregnancy,” the doctor said. "What we're going to see as a result of these laws is abnormal pregnancies going much beyond what used to be the standard of care.”

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NEW: @USEmbassyKyiv  is back. The American diplomatic mission in Ukraine reopened Sunday, two and a half months after diplomats left shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. Chargé d’Affaires Kristina Kvien just arrived with other diplomats.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, dies at age 22. .

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RIP BOBBI KRISTINA! My heart goes out to the family. People please be respectful and understanding to their privacy.

“I said no and he pushed me face down and was powerless under his weight.” Actress Aurélie Wynn is now the second woman to say she was raped by Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick. The LAPD is investigating a claim made earlier this week by Kristina Cohen.

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BREAKING: ET has confirmed that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has died at 22. Details coming on