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RUSSIAN GAS PIPELINE DAMAGED - 3 leaks discovered on Nord Stream pipelines - In the Baltic Sea near Sweden and Denmark - Operator reports "unprecedented" damage - Lines were out of service but contain gas - Cause of the damage unknown - Kremlin says sabotage can't be ruled out

#BREAKING Kremlin says annexation vote to have security 'consequences' in Ukraine regions


Municipal workers in the Russian-controlled city of Melitopol, in Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia region, cast their ballots in a referendum on joining Russia

#Russia Ready for Negotiations With #Ukraine , But Situation and Conditions Changing, Kremlin Says

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Military conscription buildings in Russia have been set on fire as anger soars over Moscow's troop call-up. Defiance against the draft has turned increasingly violent forcing the Kremlin to admit mistakes have been made.

DENMARK PM: Hard to imagine Nord Stream leaks are a "coincidence" EU COMMISSION: Too early to speculate on cause of Nord Stream leaks KREMLIN: We cannot rule out Nord Stream damage as a result of sabotage

#BREAKING Kremlin says 'extremely concerned' about leaks on Russia's Nord Stream gas pipelines

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The Kremlin warned that votes held in Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine to join Russia would have security implications, a statement that comes after officials in Moscow recently threatened the use of nuclear weapons.

“Crime cannot be controlled by a government issued, headline-friendly diktat asking police forces to cut serious crimes such as homicide by 20 per cent or else face action,” he added Here’s the full article:


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If they were to watch this in the KremlinRU they might start to understand what they are up against UA .

NEWS: The little-known aviation company awarded the migrant "relocation" contract by the DeSantis administration purchased 6 helicopters from the Russian government in 2018 for $42 million. Other significant business with Kremlin-adjacent companies.

If Democrats controlled the Senate: - the cash payments would be $1200 not $600 - there would be $175 billion, not $25 billion, to help people pay the rent - there would be flexible money for states and cities and bonus checks for frontline workers Let’s win Georgia.

BREAKING:  Russian govt official Anatoly Chubais has stepped down and left the country, citing his opposition to Putin’s war in Ukraine, sources tell Bloomberg News. He is highest-level official to break with the Kremlin over the invasion.

I just checked. While the U.S. and South Korea had their first Covid-19 cases and deaths in February, more than 225,000 Americans have died from the virus since then. South Korea, a country of 55 million, has had fewer than 500 deaths. They controlled the virus. The U.S. didn't.

@BrianKempGA , his puppet Lt. Governor @GeoffDuncanGA , and Secretary of State, are disasters for Georgia. Won’t let professionals get anywhere near Fulton County for signature verifications, or anything else. They are virtually controlled by @staceyabrams  & the Democrats. Fools!

150 - days in 2019 150 - mass shootings 2,876,775 - thoughts and prayers tweets from cowardly public leaders 93 - days that the Republican controlled Senate has refused to hold a vote on the House-passed background checks bill

Not only will Sleepy Joe Biden DEFUND THE POLICE, but he will DEFUND OUR MILITARY! He has no choice, the Dems are controlled by the Radical Left.

DOJ just issued the McCabe report - which is a total disaster. He LIED! LIED! LIED! McCabe was totally controlled by Comey - McCabe is Comey!! No collusion, all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!

“The Kremlin is reportedly backing Bernie Sanders bid to win the White House.” Jon Scott@FoxNews  Why didn’t somebody tell me this?