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Russian occupiers deploy additional forces and air defense systems to Belarus - General Staff Also they tried to advance in directions of Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Avdiivka, were repulsed, fighting continues in Bakhmut direction.

Both cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka had been considered key targets of Russia’s ongoing offensive across Ukraine’s east, with analysts saying Moscow needs to take Bakhmut if it is to advance on the regional hubs of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian forces said Thursday they have repelled Russian offensives in four simultaneous directions of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region.

Maryna Havrysh struggled to hold back her tears as she helped a group of volunteers load her elderly parents into an evacuation van in Kramatorsk, near the front line of Russia's war on Ukraine.

“I understand that this will be the last time that I ever see them.” Heartbreaking story about family separation from @jspikebudapest  in Kramatorsk Ukraine

Maryna Havrysh struggled to hold back her tears as she helped a group of volunteers load her elderly parents into an evacuation van in Kramatorsk, near the front line of Russia's war on Ukraine.

KRAMATORSK (UKRAINE) - Collapsed social services, financial woes and fear: only brief snippets filter out of the daily reality for Ukrainians in Russian-occupied territory. #BangkokPost  #World 

@lindseyhilsum  @GrantaMagLovely  writing and I particularly enjoyed the scene at Kramatorsk hotel. We were definitely among the most calm people there. But nobody was calmer and cooler than the woman at the check-in desk rolling her eyes at the hyperventilating foreign corros.

Russians launched a missile attack on Kramatorsk,Donetsk region. Serious destruction in the private sector of the village of Bilenke. 2 private houses were completely destroyed, another 21 were damaged. 5 people were injured, 1 was killed. Rescue & search operations are underway.

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Soldiers in civilian areas: A touchy topic in Ukraine There have been similar and often deadly strikes in Kostiantynivka, Toretsk and even in Kramatorsk, further from the front line.


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Warning: graphic. Horrific images & reports from Kramatorsk train station where state railway company board chairman Oleksandr Kamyshin says more than 30 people killed, 100+ others injured in a Russian rocket attack. 1000s of civilians fleeing the Donbas were there. 🎥: Kamyshin

Yana is ten. She’s one of four children I have just met in a Ukrainian hospital. A week ago she was in Kramatorsk train station trying to escape the war when it was hit by missiles. She has lost both her legs. And her mother. (At the request of docs we aren’t showing her face)

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Serious question. I am not an expert. In international law, why is the Al Qaeda killing of innocents in NY and DC on September 11, 2001 considered an act of terrorism, but Putin's slaughter of innocents in Bucha, Kramatorsk, Chernihiv, or Mariupol is not terrorism?

Putin just declared war on Ukraine, announcing a “special military operation.” Breaking: massive explosions just now in Kramatorsk. At least four. Very big.

We are aware of a fake video with BBC News branding suggesting Ukraine was responsible for last week’s missile attack on Kramatorsk train station. The BBC is taking action to have the video removed. We urge people not to share it and to check stories on the BBC News website.

Ukrainian serviceman carrying a child injured by russia's missile strike into a Kramatorsk hospital

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This mural was painted on the wall of the Military Academy of LT in Vilnius by an artist Linas Kaziulionis It was inspired by a📷by Andriy Andriyenko, which captures a moment of farewell of UA border guard Vitaliy and his wife at Kramatorsk railway station

Ukrainian civilians are fleeing the worst. Their weapons? Pushchairs, teddy bears and suitcases. At Kramatorsk railway station this morning, families waiting to leave suffered the unthinkable. Dozens are dead, hundreds wounded. This is an abomination.

Russia's defense ministry initially said it used high-precision rockets on three railway stations in the Donbas today. But after the scale of the casualties in Kramatorsk became clear, it claimed the strike was a "provocation" that "has nothing to do with reality."

WATCH: Missile flies overhead while reporter records video in Kramatorsk, Ukraine