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Let me help you.... The winner of the Presidential race 2022 is @WilliamsRuto  Yani hata nikweka FULLSTOP - you still ask that question? Madharau. FULLSTOP! Kiburi. FULLSTOP! Sasa mtulie... It is OVER! #HustlerNation 

The People have DECIDED! Skewed Polls, DEFEATED! Biased Media, DEFEATED! Deep State and System, DEFEATED! Ruaraka Land Thief, DEFEATED! La Mada PS, DEFEATED! Kifua, Kiburi, Madharau, DEFEATED! #HustlerNation  and our God!

Kifua. Kiburi. Madharau. They Stopped us from accessing Bukhungu Stadium. With Bullets and Guns. We interacted with the people outside the Stadium, because... Bukhungu Inside and Bukhungu outside is still BUKHUNGU! FREEDOM IS COMING!

My Home County of Kirinyaga has DECIDED. That the next President is @WilliamsRuto  Hii kifua. Madharau na Kiburi of the La Mada PS and guys like Wakang'ara has been rejected.

BBI Eulogy Ready. Burial service approximately at 3.46pm. The La Murder PS and @Karanjakibicho  told us we would take BBI slowly like Quinine... Kifua. Madharau. Kiburi has been dealt with... #radico 

Governors on BBI 1. Remove compulsory requiremrnt on gender for running mate 2. Remove Judiciary Ombudsman requirement 3. Put timeliness on release of money to Counties Kifua na Kiburi itakwisha tu. Amendments in the horizon. #HustlerNation