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Kevin Bacon explains how he lost "most" of his fortune to Bernie Madoff — "There's obvious life lessons there." (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Kevin McCarthy appears to have his mind made up on Ashli Babbitt. Donald Trump doesn't like how that's going. (via @MaddowBlog )

Ice-T, Busta Rhymes, Flavor Flav, LL Cool J, and Queen Latifah perform on stage at the Grammys for a 50th-anniversary tribute to hip-hop. 📷: Frazer Harrison, Kevin Winter, Valerie Macon / Getty Images

NBD, just Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Adele, and Rich Paul toasting to Queen Bey's success at the 2023 Grammys. 📸 Kevin Mazur, @GettyImages 

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We don't have to allow extremists like Marjorie Taylor-Greene to dictate the terms of debate for (Barely) kevin mccarthy'>Speaker Kevin McCarthy, threatening fiscal calamity unless Democrats agree to horrific budget cuts. There are avenues to reduce their power.

All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving is being traded by the Brooklyn Nets. The blockbuster trade ends Irving's pairing with Kevin Durant before it ever had much of a chance to click.

Jay Norvell is the Kevin Bacon of American football. If he didn’t play with somebody, he played against him. Or coached against him. Or coached with him.

Gottheimer said the Problem Solvers Caucus is working on backup options if talks between Biden and McCarthy fall apart.


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Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and @RepSwalwell  off the Intelligence Committee. This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump. If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is. I will always defend our democracy.

🚨BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy sends DC in utter PANIC after announcing he wants to release ALL FOOTAGE from January 6th

Everything changes once you know what McCarthy and Gaetz were actually saying #118thCongress  #KevinMcCarthy  #MattGaetz 

Looks like Kevin McCarthy conceded all the power of his office to the crazies to finally get their votes. He had to give away the house to do it, and that was a sacrifice he was willing to make — for the title. He will be a speaker in name only.

Kevin McCarthy has no ideology, no core set of beliefs. He knows he can't become Speaker without support from the QAnon contingent of his members. So he will do whatever they ask, and remove me from the Intel Committee for holding Trump accountable. He stands for nothing.

A staffer of mine—who’s 1 month into her job—received a call from a man saying he’s coming to our office w/ an assault rifle to kill me. I hesitate to share this but how else do I tell you we are in violent times, & the architects are Trump & McCarthy. Bloodshed is coming.

LISTEN to this death threat against my children. Since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump, McCarthy, and MAGA Republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. Someone is going to get killed.

Brooklyn is making a clean sweep tonight: Brooklyn will sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan, league sources tell ESPN.

A shout out to Kevin, Giannis, Zion, Blake, Steph and all the players, owners and organizations who are setting a good example during a challenging time. A reminder that we’re a community, and that each of us has an obligation to look out for each other.

Best thing you’ll see today: Macaulay Culkin returns as Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ in Google ad