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As the hearing on threats to the homeland wrapped, neither NCTC head Christopher Miller nor DHS's Ken Cuccinelli bothered with masks to leave. FBI's Wray put his on.

Ken Cuccinelli gets through the domestic threats to the homeland without mentioning white supremacy. Focuses on protests. "Lawlessness has festered in too many of our communities from Chicago to Seattle, Minneapolis to New York, even Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Kenosha, Wis."

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general has declined to investigate whether acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and his deputy Ken Cuccinelli are serving in their roles lawfully

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general declined to investigate whether acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and his deputy Ken Cuccinelli are serving in their roles lawfully, saying its efforts on the issue would be "pointless."

Ken Cuccinelli: DHS to investigate complaints of forced hysterectomies at ICE facility

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DHS watchdog won't probe Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli appointments

...including acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf, acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli, and former DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen, tried to change or alter intelligence information to seemingly align better with Pres. Trump’s rhetoric. (3/5)

ken cuccinelli'>Remember Ken Cuccinelli, the Va. AG who went after climate scientist @MichaelEMann  without evidence? He's now a key figure in the DHS whistleblower complaint for allegedly ordering the alteration of intel to downplay threat of white supremacy.

Whistleblower exposes how unlawfully appointed DHS deputy Ken Cuccinelli is just as bad as his boss

A new whistleblower complaint alleges Trump aides, including former Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli, suppressed intelligence on Russian election interference and the threat from white supremacists.


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Deputy Secretary of DHS Ken Cuccinelli tells NPR not only are they not stopping the Portland tactics they're going to take them nationwide. via @TPM 

The appointments of Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli to the top two leadership roles at the Department of Homeland Security are invalid, the Government Accountability Office reports

NEW: GAO concludes that acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, described by DHS as “the senior official performing the duties of Deputy DHS Secretary,” are not legally qualified to serve in their jobs under the Vacancies Reform Act.

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NEWS: GAO has concluded that Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli were invalidly appointed and are *ineligible* to serve in their current roles.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo alleged Friday that top Department of Homeland Security officials Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli could be subject to criminal charges for their decision to block New Yorkers from enrolling in expedited border crossing programs

NEW: Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland ken cuccinelli'>Security Ken Cuccinelli confirmed to NPR that federal agents took at least one Portland protester into an unmarked vehicle to be questioned.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright responds to Ken Cuccinelli’s rewrite of the Statue of Liberty poem: “I can tell you, I’ve been a refugee twice. … I think that it is one of the most un-American things I’ve heard”

So long as we're accepting updates to the Statue of Liberty poem, I have one: Give me your tired, your poor. And in exchange, we will give you Ken Cuccinelli

@AyannaPressley  just got Ken Cuccinelli—a top Trump pick for homeland security chief—to admit he made the decision to subject critically ill immigrant children to deportation.

This is absurd and outrageous – @realDonaldTrump ’s new DHS ken cuccinelli'>Immigration Czar Ken Cuccinelli once compared immigrants to rats, and lamented not being able to kill rat families in the same sentence. He doesn’t deserve a taxpayer-funded salary.