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Encouraging update from former Coral Gables AD Harold Cole on our friend @larryblustein . Over $50K has been raised to help cover medical expenses. ICYMI - Story on Larry. GoFundMe Link:

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Three failed purchase attempts for the new UFC Strike NFTs … and then get sent back into a queue 55 mins / 45K people deep. Dapper needs to get it together …

Just an incredible performance by K-State's Ayoka Lee -- an NCAA record of 61 points, which at this moment is the same amount of points No. 14 Oklahoma has. Insane.

$85K bail for woman accused of setting fires in Lansing Walmart, causing $4.5M damages

Sundance Review: Sterling K. Brown And Regina Hall In ‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.’

ep 64: 100k+ views on YouTube in first 24 hours -- wow

From opinion columnist @RJRobb : Arizona can support a tax cut and a sizable increase in K-12 funding if both sides can stop fighting long enough to see the opportunity.

“Alley Oop” was a novelty song that reached No. 1 on the pop chart (No. 3 on the R&B chart) for the Hollywood Argyles in 1960. David Bowie interpolated its line “Look at those cave men go” in his 1973 single “Life on Mars?”

Money Diary: A 25-year-old primary school teacher on €38K living in Dublin


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Did your favorite K-Pop song make the list?

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We caught the winners of Best Pop Group at the @AMAs  red carpet 💜 #BTSxAMAs 

@BTS_twt  isn’t just the biggest K-pop act on the charts. They’ve become the biggest band in the world—full stop. “We climbed our way up slowly, so it feels like we grew together. And we know each other on a deeper level,” Jung Kook tells TIME #TIMEPOY 

j-hope of K-pop sensation BTS discusses his new solo rap mixtape, 'Hope World'

Bigger than Bieber? A Korean pop group beats US stars to win a Billboard Music Award via

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Backed by passionate fans, @BTS_twt  takes K-pop worldwide

Finished off the year with the highest Stock Market in history. Setting records with your 401k’s, just like I said you would. Congratulations to all!

No arrest and I’ll cover the $100k. Deal?