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The state which has had the rich tradition of leadership, Jayaprakash Narayan’s home state, which defined the socialist movement, until very recently dominated by two of JP’s proteges, now finds itself irrelevant, @maryashakil  and @Rounak_T  report.

When Indira Gandhi telecast Bobby on DD to make JP’s rally flop, I was just 5 yrs old.I grew up watching #RishiKapoor  and ended up interviewing him in 2013. From a romantic hero to a proud father,he mastered all roles in real life too. Sharing an excerpt that brings fond memories

🙏🏻 RT @groovyandres : Yo@J_Credible  can’t believe you got my fav producer in the game rn @Tainy  to answer my question! Hope all is well bro. This is JP’s little brother

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Governors can only request that businesses close. If businesses refuse, governors can publicize requests. "The message will be sent that the government believes that the business is risky" said Hiroyuki Noda, a councilor on emerging infectious diseases in JP’s Cabinet Secretariat

Schmetzer is very pleased with Joao Paulo. Says he’s a thinker and coach is happy that we got to see JP’s aggressive side today.

Last year’s show ended at 11:17 pm + credits. This year’s show might have matched that were it not for JP’s speech, or [insert your least favorite part of the show] (For the record, I’m fine with shows which run long!)

Watched “The Two Popes” today. More humorous and emotional than I thought it would be. Reminded me of the best photo I ever took, when I wasn’t old enough to drink but covered JP’s visit to the US for the school paper.

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On the occasion of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Arab tour, @arabnews  print edition is today wrapped with this beautiful design by renowned calligrapher Diaa Allam. And at center stage is @ArabNewsjpjp’s hand drawn logo by @gonagaiworlda '>Manga @GoNagaiWorlda  .

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#CTrefugees A group of angry foreign nationals attacking a man who is apparently in JP’s group. @kaylynnpalm 

It is sad that JP’s then young associate and now most prominent and honest Minister of the BJP government in Jharkhand, Saryu Rai has been denied BJP ticket for no good reason. Now he is an independent candidate against the CM in the imminent election for Assembly.


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It was short sightedness of socialists/Lohiawadis, responsible for the rise of RSS. In their blindness toward Congress first they let RSS piggyback them and later they piggybacked on RSS. George/sharad/nitish/ are examples. JP’s janta party was opportunistic blunder.

How times change! Those who took part in the anti-Emergency movement and were inspired by Loknayak JP’s ideals have closed ranks with the Congress! The same Congress, which is anti-backward and anti-Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

I was delighted to hear about JP’s donation to the GAA . What a great boost for clubs throughout Ire. Hope My club enjoys this surprise fillip!

#UNIQLO MANIA: @UNIQLO_JP’s 1st South-east Asian global flagship store opens its doors in SG

“Lips are moving.” Looks like Lucy’s noticed JP’s sass, too #MadeInChelsea 

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