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French diplomats recognized their threats had prompted Haiti to pour money into its military. In 1838, another warship returned to France with Haiti’s second payment, which swallowed much of Haiti’s revenues once again.

The Haitian gvt ran out of money right away. To finish its 1st payment, it emptied its coffers, sending it all to France sealed in bags inside nailed crates reinforced w/ iron bands. That left no money for public services. The French government threatened war to collect the rest.

'The EU would welcome an independent Scotland ... but currency is going to be the main problem' says former French ambassador

‘It is not necessary to have nuclear submarines to be a member of Nato. But, anyway, I guess that the UK would want to move Trident in case of independence.’ - Former French Ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann, saying what we all know to be true.

Detailing the importance of the play caller and or coach who will be in Mac Jones' ear on the sidelines.


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Official statement: La Liga announce they have now reported Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA because of Kylian Mbappé deal. 🚨 #Mbapp é “This is a scandal. We will now report PSG to Uefa, French autorities and EU authorities”. ⤵️📑

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Today, some French minister has said that they declared an economic war on Russia. Watch your tongue, gentlemen! And don’t forget that in human history, economic wars quite often turned into real ones

For more than 30 years, plastic phones shaped like the cartoon cat Garfield have been washing up on French beaches. The mystery is now solved: a shipping container which washed up during a storm in the 1980s was found in a hidden sea cave ? Fred Tanneau

There's so much I admire about the French: their sophistication, their cinema, their willingness to prosecute former presidents.

Iron Mike is back. 54-year-old Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition match, per @KevinI 

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Following their fabulous world tour, LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF, the wildly popular global boy band @BTS_twt  lit up the stage in Paris on June 7th, dressed in custom Dior by Kim Jones. #StarsinDior 

Thousands of illegal aliens who have committed sexual crimes against children are right now in Texas prisons. Most came through our Southern Border. We can end this easily - We need a Steel Barrier or Wall. Walls Work! John Jones, Texas Department of Public Safety.

It was seven times the style at the Mnet Asian Awards 2018 in Tokyo as boy band BTS posed on the red carpet head to toe in the #DiorSummer19  collection by Kim Jones! More . #StarsinDior 

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Cracking day for golf @TheGroveHotel  with @itsDannyJones  , had a right laugh! #hotasshit 

THANK YOU JONES BEACH. so good. round two tomorrow looking forward to seeing ur faces