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Weds. guest list: Jonathan Lemire, Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve Kornacki, Jon Meacham, Kasie Hunt, Mike Barnicle, Yamiche Alcindor, John Heilemann, Dave Wasserman, Rep. Mikie Sherrill, Dr. Dave Campbell, Sen.-elect Raphael Warnock, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Sen. Dick Durbin

Weds. guest list: Jonathan Lemire, Kasie Hunt, Susan Del Percio, Rev. Al Sharpton, Geoff Bennett, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, Adm. James Stavridis, Richard Haass, ctd...


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"Voter fraud is so rare...but the president, he inserted it back in 2016," Jonathan Lemire says. "This time around, of course, he is fixated on the idea of mail-in ballots...He's sewing the seeds of doubt now and will keep doing so over the next six weeks"

Jonathan Lemire reports on the final night of the RNC and its crowd: "What happened last night was dangerous, it was in violation of the President's administration's own health guidelines."

"The president doesn't take responsibility very often and he tries to blame his predecessor for most things even when it's a complete stretch," reporter Jonathan Lemire says of President Trump's coronavirus response.

"It's not a coincidence that there are 4 foreign trips... it's a deliberate attempt to show him [President Trump] looking presidential... while juxtaposing it with Democratic candidates": AP's Jonathan Lemire

"It can't be said enough: This is a first for the presidency" - Jonathan Lemire, on a NYT report that the FBI opened an investigation into whether the president was secretly working on behalf of Russia.

Ajonathan lemire'>P’s Jonathan Lemire reports that in Oval Office, Trump was just asked if he was more likely to fire Rosenstein and if he still had confidence in him, and that President said, "You figure that one out."

Under great pressure, Jeff Mason of Reuters and Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press did an exemplary job today. They were the ones who asked the key questions in today's press conference in Helsinki. Thanks,