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Column: Christian Porter’s new strategy against the CFMEU represents a tactical shift that opens the way for the break-up of the union, cements the death of the Ensuring Integrity Bill, and aims to further isolate John Setka. @australian 

The Morrison government will propose laws to allow the break-up of the CFMEU in a bid designed to isolate the union’s militant construction division and its Victorian secretary, John Setka.

After winning court appeal stopping poaching of members, Michael O’Connor’s CFMEU manufacturing division accuses John Setka and union’s Vic construction branch of betraying workers and pursuing personal vendettas to destabilise the union. @australian 

Sky News host Peta Credlin says if modern Labor is @Mark_Butler_MP , @MrKRudd  and John Setka", then it's no wonder it saw an election-losing primary vote of 34 per cent in yesterday's Newspoll.

Union leader Michael O'Connor, who has resigned, faced several no-confidence motions at national executive meetings and has been battling a poaching war led by John Setka.

EXCLUSIVE | CFMMEU national secretary Michael O’Connor will resign from the top position at the construction, mining and manufacturing union ahead of a meeting this week that could deliver more power to controversial construction union figure John Setka.

The 50th anniversary of the Westgate Bridge disaster ..we talk to Construction Union Leader John Setka whose Father miraculously survived the collapse. He says what his Dad went through drove him to embrace unionism. 6pm #7NewsMelb 

A judge has rejected claims that CFMEU boss John Setka can't sue two Boral executives for malicious prosecution over a blackmail case that sensationally collapsed two years ago.

The national building watchdog has refused to approve a new pay deal between John Setka’s Victorian CFMEU branch and the state’s major builders.


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ENSURING INTEGRITY BILL NEEDS SUBSTANTIAL AMENDMENT I’ve been clear from the start – John Setka needs to go. I’ve also been clear that, unlike John, I’m not prepared to throw every single union member in the country under the bus just because one bloke wants his job. #auspol 

@Tony_Burke  says government has used John Setka as “clever marketing” for Ensuring Integrity Bill. “It’s not what the bill’s about. The whole point of this bill … is because they want to make sure they go after all worker’s organisations”. @australian 

John Setka is not typical of the modern union movement. The average union member today is a woman in her 40s in aged care. And those are the kind of workers who will really be hurt by the Liberals’ extreme union-bashing legislation.

"What John Setka has said and possibly done has caused us damage and it would be the right thing to do, even if he's innocent, to stand down from his position. I believe that would be the right moral thing to do,” @sallymcmanus  tells @PatsKarvelas  on #AfternoonBriefing  #auspol 

@PatsKarvelas : John Setka is threatening to freeze donations to the Labor Party if you expel him, are you worried about losing that money? @AlboMP : No. I’m worried about doing the right thing… My decision is based on his long history of bringing the Labor party into disrepute

I’ve spoken to Labor MPs angry that Anthony Albanese has acted without evidence against John Setka. #auspol 

Controversial union boss John Setka is refusing to quit his post, amidst outrage at comments he reportedly made about anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty. We spoke to Rosie about why change in attitudes takes so long.

@AlboMP  on John Setka: I don’t want him in our party. It’s that simple. I have also asked the National Executive Committee to suspend his membership from @AustralianLabor  from today. It stops. MORE: #newsday 

This refusal to condemn John Setka is beyond the pale. The ACTU is, frankly, too scared of the CFMEU. Where’s the principled leadership? They’re gutless. As Bob Hawke said, the ACTU and the ALP should expel the CFMEU from its ranks. Just shows how degraded the ACTU is these days.

.: There's no question that John Setka should resign, but more than that, the Labor Party should refuse to take political donations from the CFMEU. will be reluctant to move against because he's a friend. MORE: #Gleeso