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President Donald Trump continued playing videos of former Vice President Joe Biden’s worst moments on the campaign trail at a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Barack Obama strongly criticized President Donald Trump and his administration over the COVID-19 response during a rally in support of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A Joe Biden presidency would not necessarily take Donald Trump's long list of fiercely prosecuted grievances off the table, writes Hans van Leeuwen.

"President Donald Trump assured supporters packed shoulder to shoulder at weekend rallies that “we’re rounding the turn” on the coronavirus and mocked challenger Joe Biden for raising alarms about the pandemic, despite surging cases around the country..."

Joe Biden has mocked DonaldTrump’s strategy for managing the US coronavirus crisis by releasing a Trump COVID Plan website.

An energized Joe Biden and Barack Obama accuse Donald Trump of a massive screw-up in his handling of the coronavirus, but the US president remains ebullient despite trailing in polls with 10 days to go until the election

2020 Election: Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash over rising coronavirus cases

Wary that polls showing Donald Trump behind could again be wrong, New Yorkers turn out massively to vote early as they hope to ensure a "really big win" for Joe Biden

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are scheduled to campaign in battleground states with less than 10 days until election day.


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Democrats in The Villages? Here’s why a Joe Biden golf cart parade through the nation’s largest retirement community in Central Florida is a warning sign for President Donald Trump.

You know what would be amazing? If the legacy media exhibited the same frantic obsession with Joe Biden’s mental & physical condition as they do Donald Trump’s.

If you want any more evidence of how Donald Trump didn’t want to run against Joe Biden, check out all the effort he and his surrogates are putting into running against Hillary Clinton again in 2020.

So apparently, according to Donald Trump and his supporters, it seems like Joe Biden has been president these last three years - but only for the failures. Of which, there have of course been a lot.

The violence we’re seeing right now, the pain we’re seeing right now, this is DonaldTrump’s America—not Joe Biden’s America. And oftentimes it has been fanned and encouraged by Trump himself. Don’t buy into his fearmongering.

Joe Biden condemns violence, no matter who commits it. Donald Trump refuses to condemn violence when his supporters are the assailants. Under Obama and Biden, violent crime went down 15%. This year, under Trump, murders are up 26% in American cities. So now you know.

Joe Biden now has Colin Powell and Cindy McCain speaking for him at the Democratic Convention. But Donald Trump has the gun totin' couple from St. Louis. So... I call that even.

So Joe Biden can now run on saving the Postal Service. That's a gift - the equivalent of a two-foot putt in politics. Donald Trump probably knows about two-foot putts. Or does he cheat on those too?

Donald Trump is having trouble running against Joe Biden. So he’d rather run against Anthony Fauci?

I do not believe we will defeat Donald Trump with a candidate like Joe Biden who supported the Iraq War.