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Indiana Rep. Greg Pence is facing criticism for Jim Crow-era memorabilia placed for sale throughout his antique mall in Edinburgh. Some community members say they've been calling for their removal for years.

“Many of these symbols of the Confederacy went up in the Jim Crow era," @chucktodd  says. "Now, in this era they need to go away — in the harsh glare of daylight. Removing them in the dead of night ... undermines the work we all need to do.”

The Senate and the House last week passed separate versions of the NDAA, both of which called for the renaming of the 10 southern Army posts named during the Jim Crow era of the early 1900s for Confederate generals from the Civil War.

Congress was set to pay its respects to the late Rep. John Lewis, the civil-rights leader whose nonviolent tactics helped usher in a landmark voting-rights law aimed at bringing an end to the Jim Crow era of political suppression of Black Americans

North Carolina prosecutors added charges against a Black woman accused of voter fraud in 2016. Lanisha Bratcher says she didn't know she couldn't vote on probation — under a Jim Crow-era law widely used to disenfranchise Black people. She faces 3yrs in prison, says @guardian .

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"Once again, the Trump administration is undertaking action intended to drag America back into the Jim Crow era of racial segregation, " adds @KristenClarkeJD  in statement.

These photos, spanning the last vestiges of the Jim Crow era to the Black Lives Matter movement, show John Lewis' unwavering dedication to ensuring justice for all.

These photos, spanning the last vestiges of the Jim Crow era to the Black Lives Matter movement, show Rep. John Lewis' unwavering dedication to ensuring justice for all.

BREAKING: John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement, has died at 80. He began his nearly 60-year career in public service leading sit-ins at segregated lunch counters in the Jim Crow-era South. He went on to become a force in Democratic politics.


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Before it became a racist stereotype in the Jim Crow era, watermelon once symbolized black self-sufficiency. #NationalWatermelonDay 

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The gap between white and black homeownership is wider now than it was during the end of the Jim Crow era. Here’s one of the reasons why:

Most confederate monuments were erected during Jim Crow era. They weren't put up for history, they were meant to terrorize black people.

Learn about Aunt Jemima's origins, along with the origins of other mascots that leverage Jim Crow-era stereotypes—plus the 1857 Supreme Court decision that led to more caricatures of African Americans in popular culture.

Voting rights advocates say the action undermined the will of the people and effectively created a “poll tax,” not unlike the Jim Crow-era laws that used voting fees as a way to suppress African Americans from casting ballots. ?: @WallySkalij 

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Sears let Black Americans buy what they needed during the Jim Crow era, when stores were allowed to openly discriminate

Many felony disenfranchisement laws were passed during the Jim Crow era with the intent to bar minorities from voting. As of 2016, 1 in every 56 non-black voters lost their right to vote. Conversely, 1 in every 13 Black voters was disenfranchised.

Nearly 70 years ago, a group of young black men were victims of one of the ugliest episodes of the Jim Crow era in the South. Although none of them are alive today, the Groveland Four were pardoned Friday.

Biden on Trump: "Not since the Jim Crow era" has a president misrepresented U.S. values so badly

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