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“Whether politicians want to kill you for it; or whether politicians want to fake ‘be it’, they can’t own it, and they’ll never be able to sell it. They can’t contain it, nobody can.” @Rev_reality  @silentgarrettn '>@SilentGarrettn  the love of Jesus as Revolution vs Religion 🤯 my dudes.. 💚

“Man, I ain't Jesus Christ.” SI Daily Cover: Fly Williams used to star on hot summer nights in Brooklyn. Now he sits in a prison cell in Attica, N.Y., sentenced for selling heroin in the throes of the opioid epidemic

@JCGotinga  @bnzmagsambolPhilHealth  EVP and COO Arnel de Jesus: IRM is meant to "continuously provide the funds " as hospitals are hampered from processing claims during the pandemic. Lacson: I don't know who will buy your explanation. | via @JCGotinga 

The White, European Jesus of Western imagination is fiction, @MJGerson  writes

NEW: Sen. Tim Kaine responds to Merritt Corrigan leaving USAID/accusing him of criticizing her "because of (her) Christian beliefs" on LGBTQ identities/relationships. Kaine: "I am a Christian and do not believe people should blame their bigotry on Jesus."

Former Bush presidential speechwriter: "The white, European Jesus of Western imagination is a fiction produced by those who could not imagine human perfection in any other form." @MJGerson 

my neighborhood is on fire again jesus christ. it was 6 times last year. hopefully the first and last time for this year 😑


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Jesus was not a white, American man. The U.S. flag is not a symbol for the Church or for Jesus. The National Anthem is not a holy hymn. Slavery was not a “necessary evil.” The oppressor even tries to control the response to oppression. The truth will make us free.

@NaughtyBoyMusic Jesus forgot you were such an in demand producer .... How does it feel to be riding on the back of someone else's career ?

Whaaatttt? A whole year since Croker ! Jesus that flew by ! Best weekend of my life , easy

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes , 21 aye ? Jesus ! Can't believe the love you guys are giving me on my bday! Love you !

Oh Jesus Christ ... Sweden , Italy and Belgium .. Atleast we'll get to enjoy ourselves

Subtitles; ah Jesus lads will you stop hitting the slither against the wall they're just after painting it ya b******s ya ... Your welcome

Jesus just got told we won a kca yesterday... Yessss. Thank you guys so much for voting . Means a lot ! Love those little blimp things too

Just listening to tracks from the new album! Jesus this is exciting ! really can't wait for u to hear this album! By far my favourite yet