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In a new interview with @NCRonline , @Ocasio2018  — who is Catholic — reveals her favorite biblical passage: when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. She also refers to climate change as a “fundamentally a moral issue.”

When playing against Jesus, cooperation prevails for all 200 rounds of the tournament. Against Lucifer, Tit-for-Tat plays solid defense. The weakness is the echoing still results in Armageddon. 7/9

Fucking hell @maxon3d  - I bought Cinema 4D from you *three years ago* and I can no longer install it because it doesn't work on Catalina!? Jesus Fucking Christ. It cost a fortune and you don't support later operating systems for *three years*?!

“The world’s economic future is not quite as grey as conventional aging statistics might have us believe.” Jesús Crespo Cuaresma explains why it’s time to rethink aging societies:

Jesus said, “What is the Kingdom of God like? To what can I compare it? It is like a mustard seed that a man took and planted in the garden. When it was fully grown, it became a large bush and the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches.” Today's Gospel LK 13:18-21

Seeking power in Jesus’ name: Trump sparks a rise of Patriot Churches by Of course it's a mos @spulliamly  mask free congregation. Reminder it was a church group in S. Korea, & a choir practice in WA responsible for large outbreaks.

“Father, thank You for this day that You have made. Thank You that I can be faithful in the ordinary and routine, knowing that You are preparing me for the new things You have in store. I’m going to keep being my best, serving, giving, and loving right where I am. In Jesus’ Name,

Molly suggests Jesus or her husband to be president of United States instead of @realDonaldTrump  #Elections2020 

Near death experience: Woman greeted by Jesus in the afterlife

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Through our jesus christ'>Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that you increase our faith, hope and charity. Amen.

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@NaughtyBoyMusic Jesus forgot you were such an in demand producer .... How does it feel to be riding on the back of someone else's career ?

Whaaatttt? A whole year since Croker ! Jesus that flew by ! Best weekend of my life , easy

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes , 21 aye ? Jesus ! Can't believe the love you guys are giving me on my bday! Love you !

Oh Jesus Christ ... Sweden , Italy and Belgium .. Atleast we'll get to enjoy ourselves

Subtitles; ah Jesus lads will you stop hitting the slither against the wall they're just after painting it ya b******s ya ... Your welcome

Jesus! Just got out of bed ....the weather is insaneeee...

Jesus just got told we won a kca yesterday... Yessss. Thank you guys so much for voting . Means a lot ! Love those little blimp things too

Just listening to tracks from the new album! Jesus this is exciting ! really can't wait for u to hear this album! By far my favourite yet