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If you think it’s a coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer became a federal judge and that very same judge, of thousands of judges, was the person to sign off on the Mar-a-Lago search warrant you haven’t been paying attention!

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced his departure from the network on Friday after spending nearly 20 years at CNN.

Jeffrey Toobin, who rejoined CNN as a legal analyst after stepping away in the wake of exposing himself to colleagues in a Zoom call, said Friday that he was leaving the network after 20 years.

In this episode of #HistoryAsItHappens , historian Jeffrey Engel discusses the ways in which Bush’s vision failed to materialize in the 1990s and the implications of those failures. #HistoryAsItHappens  #podcast 

Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike - Star Trek (1964)

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Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says Testifying at Maxwell’s trial in New York City, the woman, identified by the pseudonym Jane, said she met the former president in the 1990s at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Jeffrey J. Hurd Sells 16,000 Shares of Equitable Holdings, Inc. $EQH Stock

The Devil We Know... Don't expect the devil to come dressed in a red cape & pointy horns Don't forget these men had a nice side Jim Jones Ted BundyAndrei Chikatilo Jeffrey Dahmer DennisRaider Albert Fish John GacyCharles Manson, R Nixon D Trump

JPMorgan Gold Traders Found Guilty After Long Spoofing Trial Jury finds Nowak, Smith used bogus orders to manipulate prices A third defendant, gold desk salesman Jeffrey Ruffo, acquitted #Gold  #Silver  @WSBSilver  @wsbsilversqz  @SilverSqeeze 


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There should really be more conversation about how Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer somehow became a federal judge!!!

I wrote something provocative about how I know stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and can't publish it. I'll do my best to explain and reveal here. It provides, I think, a good lesson in why it is hard to publish stories about bad things done by the rich and powerful: 1/

We know the federal judge who authorized the FBI raid was a lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein’s entourage. I wonder if he was also on Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s CLIENT LIST. If so, we would understand how he might be deeply obliged to the Deep State for concealing his identity

I spent two years working on the Jeffrey Epstein podcast, Broken. I became close with many of his victims and learned a lot of stuff that--for annoying legal reasons--we can't publish. That experience has fundamentally reshaped how I see the world. 1/

So we have the ability to trace interactions between individuals with COVID-19 but not Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring?

Multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sexually assaulting dozens of teen girls. Their stories were dismissed by prosecutors, who cut Epstein a lenient deal. His victims have never had a voice, until now. Part 1 of #PerversionofJustice  :

We know, we know... poison is reserved for a long list of people like Jeffrey Epstein... and servers. Am I right? ?

Kim K has helped to free another inmate from prison. "Jeffrey from Miami" was handed a life sentence for a low-level drug offense. He served 22 years before Kim and her lawyers fought for his release.

Jeffrey Dahmer: I made an altar from the bones and genitalia that I didn't eat from my victims. NY Times reporter: Meet the Midwestern sex-postive locavore who adds a Goth twist to his arts and crafts!