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State clinician licensing laws block access to care. When the crisis recedes, the state‐​based licensing regime should not return to the status quo ante, says #CatoHealth 's @dr4liberty  Jeffrey Singer... #CatoCOVID 

In several of the states hardest hit by the pandemic, governors suspended state licensing requirements, allowing practitioners licensed in any state to come to the aid of other states’ residents, says #CatoHealth 's @dr4liberty  Jeffrey Singer... #CatoCOVID 

Trump, like Clinton, seems open to being lobbied for pardons outside the normal process. This is a bipartisan problem, writes Jeffrey Crouch. Using history as a guide, Biden will have a chance to do something new with an imperfect, life-changing power:

Opinion | Jeffrey Crouch: There's a big problem with the pardon process. And Trump's not the first to exploit it. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

Jeffrey Epstein is only the most infamous wealthy financier Prince Andrew has had dealings with. For years, the prince acted as an unofficial door opener for a secretive Luxembourg bank, helping woo sketchy clients

Opinion | Jeffrey Crouch: There's a big problem with the pardon process. And Trump's not the first to exploit it. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

A private investigator has filed a lawsuit against Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown seeking $750K over her upcoming Jeffrey Epstein book

▶ Biden could rebuild trade deal with Asia-Pacific to counter China's dominance, says think tank: President-elect Joe Biden should work to reverse frayed U.S. ties with Asian allies "perhaps sooner rather than later," said Jeffrey Schott of PIIE.

WATCH: Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein of Kettering Health Network explain the new COVID-19 antibody treatment Bamlanivimab


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If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, or have information about the conduct alleged in the Indictment unsealed today, please call 1-800-CALL FBI

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I wonder if he (or Killary) will get into this in their Democrat Convention speechs this week. I'm sure would be a lot more interesting then garbage we saw last night. Bill Clinton receives neck massage from Jeffrey Epstein victim

Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein's island with 2 "young girls," Virginia Giuffre says

So we have the ability to trace interactions between individuals with COVID-19 but not Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring?

#BREAKING : Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI, sources tel @jonathan4ny 

OMG this is real! It’s not that he molested children that got CNN to pay attention it’s that he didn’t have high regard for the environment! WTF CNN?!? Jeffrey Epstein's disregard for environmental protections showed his disrespect for the law - CNN

@LaborSec  must step down. As US Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice. This was known by when @POTUSe  appointed him to the cabinet. #AcostaResign 

We know, we know... poison is reserved for a long list of people like Jeffrey Epstein... and servers. Am I right? 😉

Kim K has helped to free another inmate from prison. "Jeffrey from Miami" was handed a life sentence for a low-level drug offense. He served 22 years before Kim and her lawyers fought for his release.

Jeffrey Dahmer: I made an altar from the bones and genitalia that I didn't eat from my victims. NY Times reporter: Meet the Midwestern sex-postive locavore who adds a Goth twist to his arts and crafts!