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🔵 Conservative leadership contender Rishi Sunak has insisted that he “welcomes” the criticism about his wealth, insisting that Tories should be proud of people who are successful

there's a particular type of Sensible Tory who is loudly complaining about every policy suggestion from Sunak and Truss, and pals: you don't actually have to be a Tory

Great to see @RishiSunak  tackling the issues that matter to our constituents #ReadyForRishi 

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This is interesting by Paul Seddon for the BBC ... Tory leadership: How accurate are Truss v Sunak polls?

If anyone feels like Sunak v Truss is getting too ugly, a reminder that Adams accused Jefferson of being a pagan, traitor and atheist. One paper backing Adams warned that if Jefferson won, 'murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will be openly taught and practised'.

Blame Putin, UK’s chancellor tells PM hopefuls Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak should pin the blame for soaring prices on the Russian President, Nadhim Zahawi reportedly said

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Sunak takes swipe at Truss over absence from farming hustings

Clash over whether to meet Putin at G20 as Truss vows to confront him but Sunak will boycott 🔴 Truss says she will confront the Russian leader directly if she is prime minister at the time of the meeting in November

UK PM candidate wants to bar Putin from G20 The Russian president must not be allowed to attend summits until he ends the offensive in Ukraine, a spokesperson for Rishi Sunak has said

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🗣 “25 per cent windfall tax isn’t enough” 💷Earlier this year, Rishi Sunak has hit oil and gas companies with a 25pc windfall tax to fund support for British households as energy bills surge


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Just wait until Rishi Sunak finds out which party has been in power for 12 years - and who served as Chancellor.

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EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video, Rishi Sunak boasted to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns. @REWearmouth  reports:

EXCLUSIVE : A video shared with the New Statesman showed Sunak boasting to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns.

Jarring moment at Exeter hustings was when Sunak said Truss’s Australia free trade deal was bad for GB farmers but he wouldn’t renegotiate because it would be wrong to rip up an international treaty. Hello! Paging Mr Sunak! NI Protocol Bill is holding for you on the other line

There is a story doing the news rounds this morning that Sunak has cost the government £11 billion by failing to manage government interest rates properly. But the real story is much worse than that. This is about banks winning at cost to us all, yet again...a thread to explain.

I spent yesterday writing about the technicalities of domicile as they might impact Rishi Sunak’s wife. But that’s because her tax decisions cast doubt on his suitability for office. Another thread, this time in the man himself ….

Just so we're clear: Sunak, Javid and all the other Tory MPs abandoning Boris Johnson aren't acting from "principle" or "honour". They've known what he's like from the beginning. They're abandoning him because they now think his leadership threatens their interests. That's it.

This week we found out that Rishi Sunak: 🛑 Blocked an increase of the energy bill rebate from £200 to £500. 💵 Donated £100,000 to top boarding school Winchester College. ✈️And his ultra-rich wife claims non-Dom tax status. He's not on your side.

Rishi Sunak’s family have £727m stake in Infosys that Lesia Vasylenko, a Ukrainian MP, warned on Friday was helping to "fund bullets that are killing children and civilians". Sunak wants everyone else to cut business ties with Russia.

Rishi Sunak found £4,000,000,000 in tax cuts for wealthy bankers, but refused the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift to struggling working class families. That tells you about the priorities of this super-rich Tory Chancellor.