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Claire, PVO, Lisa and Jan Fran are at the desk! Tonight: Why Acting PM Michael McCormack’s found himself in some very, very hot water. Plus, we meet the inspirational young doctor nominated for Australian Of The Year. #TheProjectTV 

Claire, PVO, Lisa and Jan Fran are at the desk! Tonight: As more republicans turn their back on the President, will Trump finally be forced from office? Plus, Passenger is here to talk about new music and lost loves. #TheProjectTV 

In the latest episode of #TheFrant  for @GuardianAus , Jan Fran looks at Australia's climate policy… well, our lack of a climate policy. @Jan__Fran  explains how Australia is STILL playing politics with #climatechange , even as the world burns. Why…why are we like this? Why?

Good on @Jan__Fran  for raising the appalling treatment/smear campaign the Murdoch press unleashed on @yassmin_a .

Is there something you'd like ask Malcolm Turnbull, Bob Carr, Jenny Hocking, Paul Kelly and Jan Fran? Submit a video question for #QandA  by 9am Monday:

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Despite confessing to being a tragic for the British royal family, Jan Fran says that "becoming a republic is less about the British monarchy and more about us. About who we are as a country." What will you ask Jan tomorrow night? | @smh  #QandA 

Jan Fran says Australians "might find it galling to hear that already high-paid [Australia Post] executives in what is a Government-owned corporation have been given these luxury gifts on top of their salaries." What's your question? | @abcnews  #QandA 

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On Monday, #QandA  will discuss the US election, the Queensland election, the Whitlam dismissal, and the Integrity Commission proposal with Malcolm Turnbull, Jenny Hocking, Paul Kelly, and Jan Fran (with a final panellist TBC). Submit your question now:

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Pete, Carrie, Waleed and Jan Fran are at the desk! Tonight: America on edge as election battle lines are drawn ahead of tomorrow’s critical vote. Plus, allegations of a toxic workplace at Ambulance Victoria. #TheProjectTV 


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In the latest episode of #TheFrant  for @GuardianAus , Jan Fran looks at 'Aussie values' … what even are they, and what do politicians mean when they use the term? Is it really about mateship and a fair go? As @Jan__Fran  finds out … not really

@Jan__Fran thinks Apu could be just one of many characters getting a second glance.

Pauline Hanson wants you to know it’s okay to be white. @Jan__Fran  wants you to know it ALWAYS has been.

This is looking like the end for Malcolm. @Jan__Fran  takes a teary-eyed look back and the good times

Turnbull giving millions to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation seems too good to be true. @Jan__Fran  reckons… it is.

Each person in offshore detention costs around $1.4 million a year. Jan Fran thinks that's a huge waste... also it's inhumane.

Steve Smith touches a ball, public out cry. Matt Lodge literally assaults his girlfriend…*crickets* Jan Fran asks which Sportsmen actually deserve public shaming?

In Jan. Homeland Security Sec. Nielsen couldn’t say Americans were responsible for majority of killings in the US. Last week former WH Nat'l Sec. Advisor & CBS Senior Nat'l Sec. analyst Fran Townsend said DHS must put potential mass shooters at the “top of the list" of threats.

As a journalist, @Jan__Fran  is impartial to Dutton's comments. As a Lebanese-Australian... *LANGUAGE WARNING*