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Jamie Sarkonak: The Liberals' giant subsidy for lefty academics to bolster their censorship legislation

Henry Winkler, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Howard Among Those Remembering Cindy Williams: “Talent Was Limitless

Jamie Raskin said, "He was lying at a rate of 8-10 lies a day before he left office," so he doubts if the Jan 6 Committee will seek Donald Trump's testimony. This was not a movie. The Devil We Know.

Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrated First Oscar Nod With Fellow Nominee Cate Blanchett With "A Cake" On The Set Of Their New Movie: "It Is The Thrill Of My Life"

$CSX [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: EVP - jamie'>Operations Boychuk Jamie J.: Delivered securities 31,973 of Common Stock at price $30.15 and Granted 86,413 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2023-01-26, increased holding by 47% to 169,984 shares

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: People with these traits succeed–"not the smartest or hardest-working in the room." (via @CNBCMakeIt )

$EBTC [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Insider GABRIEL JAMIE L: Delivered securities 64 of Common Stock at price $35.5 on 2023-01-26, decreased holding by 1% to 11,568.42 shares

Dirty Business: Jamie Raskin calls out Trump on testifying J6 Comm, "What kind of snowflake is Donald Trump he is willing to send hundreds & hundreds of other people to go and do his battle and to attack police officers with trump flags & he won't even come and explain himself."

A star-studded cast of female voices, including Jamie Barton and Alice Coote, grace this classic production.

Meet twin sisters AmieLynn and JamieLynn. 💕


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Hamilton 68’s blue-red founding team of Jamie Fly and Laura Rosenberger, told Politico they couldn’t reveal the “dashboard” accounts because “the Russians will simply shut them down.” The real reason? It was bullshit:

Jamie Campbell Bower watched your funniest Stranger Things fan videos which meant we had to explain to him what "Vecnussy" means

. challenged big bank CEO Jamie Dimon to pay his workers a living wage by literally showing him the math

jamie oliver'>Watched Jamie Oliver on the One Show demonstrating how to cook using minimal stove heat for less than 3 mins. Media can you STOP normalising this. It’s not normal. In one the richest nations in the world. It’s not gas cooking, it’s gas lighting. We need to take to the streets 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jamie Campbell Bower wants to apologize to Joe Quinn — and to viewers — for Vecna's behavior in Stranger Things 4

"We now have the evidence to support a story of the worst presidential political crime against the union in American history." Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the House select cmte. investigating January 6, says the findings will be "harrowing for the American people."

Watching Hollywood turn into ISIS sympathizers because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome is peak 2019. To make this scumbag anything other than the rapist murdering POS he is very telling. Trump Jr. jamie lee curtis'>Slams Jamie Lee Curtis After al-Baghdadi Remark.

Where da phuck y'all been? Hahaha dis ain't no secret! I've been telling the world about the birth of "Jamie Foxx"

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Good luck to Jamie ward , you've been great for the Rams over the last few years! Terrible club to go to though !