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Kenya to establish a post-retirement medical scheme for civil servants.  — The Star

Kenya is the latest country to propose a "right to disconnect" law, joining several other countries including France, Portugal and Italy in protecting employees' mental health. That means no more work calls at dinner or weekend emails from the boss.

Breast cancer has the highest incidence of all malignancies in Kenya, accounting for 5,985 new cases annually (12.5% of all new cancer cases). #NationalCancerSummit2023 

Junior secondary students in Kenya will study 12 core subjects and up to 2 optional subjects. — NTV Kenya

#EXCLUSIVE : Exactly one month out fro #NRL  season kick-off @NRL_ Dragons is facing a huge halves headache. Jack Bird was set to start the year at five-eighth, but will tomorrow undergo knee surgery, leaving the Dragons thin on options @DanikaMason9  #9News 

Jack and his mother "bravely fought off the attack," his aunt said, and the cub's punctures left Jack with some "battle wounds."

Four voters in the case filed before High Court judge Mugure Thande said Lagdera MP Abdulqani Ibrahim is from Somalia and therefore, not eligible to vie or contest for an elective seat in Kenya.

With the South African joined by new teammate Jack Miller, the ambitious outfit says it is no longer enough to just ‘be there’


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She was tortured with axes during Kenya's struggle for independence from British colonial rule. As Britain celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of its monarch, this old fighter wants to send her a message: "Let Elizabeth bring what belongs to me."

@jack  At what point is @Twitter  a part of this? TAKE DOWN TRUMP’s ACCOUNT— the world world be safer. Retweet if you agree

23. The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role.

If Saudi Arabia, one of the worst violators of human rights in the world, wants to partner with Russia to jack up US gas prices, it can get Putin to defend its monarchy. We must pull all US troops out of Saudi Arabia, stop selling them weapons & end its price-fixing oil cartel.

Obama dancing in Kenya is the perfect antidote to today

@ChrisJBakke  Wow, with Jack departing, the Twitter board collectively owns almost no shares! Objectively, their economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders.

Coronavirus silver-linings: Jack Black is now on Tik Tok...

Now Mini Mike Bloomberg is critical of Jack Wilson, who saved perhaps hundreds of people in a Church because he was carrying a gun, and knew how to use it. Jack quickly killed the shooter, who was beginning a rampage. Mini is against the 2nd A. His ads are Fake, just like him!