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Crowds protested outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin#Netanyahu  home on Saturday demanding he quit over his handling of COVID-19 - many angered by what they said were government attempts to use lockdown measures to stifle demonstrations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans for a strict, two-week nationwide lockdown in a bid to slow a raging coronavirus outbreak.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, currently on trial in his home country for metaphorical dirty laundry, is fond of bringing literal soiled clothes to the U.S. for cleaning at the presidential guesthouse in Washington, D.C.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late Wednesday that the country's current restrictions will be tightened up to a "full lockdown" for two weeks beginning on Friday, in the face of soaring Covid-19 numbers

On Jan. 1st 2019 the US, Israel and Honduras issued a joint statement following the trilateral meeting held in Brasilia, Brazil, between the U.S Secretary of state Michael R. Pompeo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández.

Thousands of Israeli protesters gathered Sunday in Jerusalem to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the first such demonstrations since the start of a new nationwide coronavirus lockdown

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is both a peacemaker and trouble maker, depending on his political needs by @BenCaspit 

The Israeli left and center is not sure how to react to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's diplomatic achievements in the Gulf by @mazalm3 

The remarks come a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed agreements establishing full diplomatic ties at a ceremony at the White House.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government has imposed a three-week lockdown, beginning on Friday afternoon — just hours before Rosh Hashana starts.


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Thousands of demonstrators have thronged the streets near the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, in a renewed show of strength as weeks of protests against the Israeli leader show no signs of slowing.

BREAKING: Israeli media: Attorney general decides to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been formally indicted on charge of bribery and fraud and breach of trust in three separate corruption cases, @OrenCNN  reports.

The Israeli election is Tuesday.  I strongly endorse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party and hope their supporters turn out in historic numbers!   The U.S-Israel alliance has never been stronger...

We urge all of our conservative Israeli friends to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister!

BREAKING: Israeli police recommend indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on bribery charges involving Israel's telecom giant.

Today’s stunning revelations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu powerfully demonstrate why the Obama Iran nuclear deal is not just unfixable, but truly catastrophic.