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Video of Nayera Ashraf's brutal killing by a man whose marriage proposal she rejected went viral. A prominent Islamic leader suggested it was her fault.

Over 3,000 people from across Afghanistan have been invited to a gathering of Islamic clerics, expected to be held at the Loya Jirga Hall on Wednesday in Kabul, sources told TOLOnews...1/2

Following reports of clashes between the Islamic Emirate forces and Commander Mawlawi Mahdi in Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul, the MoD said the dispute has ended...1/3 #TOLOnews 

Since Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was designated a terrorist organization in 2019, it has become all but impossible for anyone who served in the branch to travel to the U.S.

#EidAlAdha2022 : Saudi Arabia calls on Muslims to sight Dhu Al Hijjah crescent on Wednesday Eid Al Adha falls on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Dhu Al Hijjah

Iran said on Monday that the revival of #Tehran 's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers depends on #Washington , amid expectations that talks to save the pact will resume soon after the top EU diplomat's trip to the Islamic Republic.

#SaudiArabia welcomes last batch of Sudanese#Hajj  pilgrims, who traveled by sea aboard Amana, with rose bouquets, gifts, and souvenirs after ship docks at islamic'>Red Sea Jeddah Islamic port

The world powers’ #JCPOA  nuclear negotiations with #Iran  are potentially back on track after the European Union and the Islamic Republic jointly announced sufficient progress this past weekend.

The world powers’ JCPOA nuclear negotiations with Iran are potentially back on track after the European Union and the Islamic Republic jointly announced sufficient progress this past weekend. Here's why it matters, by @jeremybob1 :

"I know how many of you felt when it turned out that the perpetrator belonged to the Islamic community. Many of you experienced fear and unrest."


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STATISTICS OF THE YEAR: Americans killed annually by All Islamic jihadist terrorists 9 Armed toddlers 21 Lightning 31 Lawnmowers 69 Being hit by a bus 264 Falling out of bed 737 Being shot by another American 11,737

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BREAKING: Iran issues arrest warrants for Trump and 35 others in relation to Islamic Revolution Guard Corps commander Qasem Soleimani's death, the semi-official Fars news agency reports. The Tehran attorney general says Trump was at the top of the list.

Our prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe. These evil attacks against innocent people must stop. The U.S. stands with Austria, France, and all of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including radical Islamic terrorists.

Joe Biden would increase refugees from terrorist nations by 700%. His plan would overwhelm your communities and turn Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the entire Midwest into a refugee camp. I am protecting your families and keeping Radical Islamic Terrorists OUT of our Country!

Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn't he should immediately resign in disgrace!

., don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!

Just out report: "United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of islamic'>Radical Islamic terror." Not good, we must keep America safe!

islamic terrorism'>Radical Islamic Terrorism must be stopped by whatever means necessary! The courts must give us back our protective rights. Have to be tough!

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens....

If @realDonaldTrump  is a Nazi for not calling out Nazis, was Obama an Islamic terrorist for not calling out Islamic terrorists?