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Archive photo of the day | A wounded Iraqi soldier reaches up to touch the face of an American medic who's treating him after a battle in the desert during the Gulf War.

It was a short message to end a short war. On February 26 1991, Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz put his signature to a letter addressed to the United Nations Security Council. A few hours later, at 8am Baghdad time, a ceasefire entered into effect.

#IRAQ: Iraqi women struggle to escape abuse as domestic violence rises #VAW  #DomesticViolence  #Covid19 

Iraqi Hisham El-Hashemi, another vocal critic of #Iran  -backed militias, was killed in front of his #Baghdad  home last year with the investigation still ongoing

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US-Iraqi beauty mogul Huda Kattan@hudabeauty ) spoke out about racist comments towards the Asian community that she says have ‘increased dramatically’ since the #COVID19  pandemic

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In this week’s Commodity Tracker: styrene sees record on-day rise on production issues | Plus: 📈Rhodium’s long rally 🚗Brazil ethanol price spike 🛢️China embraces Iraqi crude …and more #commodities  #petchems  #trading  #energy 

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In this week’s Commodity Tracker: Brazil Center-South ethanol price goes parabolic | Plus: 🛢️China embraces Iraqi crude 🔥Japanese LNG inventories rise 🗜️Europe drains gas stocks …and more #agriculture  #trading  #commodities  #energy  #biofuels 

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Archive photo of the day | A crew chief serving with Illesheim, Germany-based 2nd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment adds a personal message to a Hydra 70 rocket on an Apache attack helicopter at Camp Udairi as Operation Iraqi Freedom gets under way.

A resident of al-Bukamal, a city near the iraqi'>Syrian-Iraqi border, told CNN the explosions from US airstrikes targeting a compound the Pentagon said was used by Iranian-backed militia groups were unlike anything he had heard before.

“If we get the chance, we will be part of this community. We will never let down this community” Raed, an Iraqi#refugee , is supporting his community amid the #COVID19  pandemic by keeping his practice open for emergency dental care. Read his story now 👇


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Rushing through federal executions while pardoning war criminals convicted of massacring unarmed Iraqi civilians in a public square

In September 2007, Blackwater military contractor Nick Slatten helped massacre 17 innocent Iraqi civilians – none of them armed – and claimed he did it because he felt threatened. He was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder. Donald Trump just pardoned him.

Me: "All those innocent Iraqi civilians. All the men and women, children killed by U.S. airstrikes. Some in massacres...None of those weigh on your conscience? None of those keep you up at night?" John Bolton: "You don't know what you're talking about."

iraqi'>Exasperated Iraqi PM can’t understand how USA can send a letter “clearly talking about withdrawal” and then say its a mistake. Prime minister’s overall message is: how disorganized is the US administration?

On whether Obama admin paid for missiles that hit Iraqi bases per @realDonaldTrump , @AmbassadorRice : "This is another series of despicable lies by President Trump. Fact that 3 years after taking office he remains obsessed w/ Pres Obama shows (his) extreme weakness & insecurity."

Iraqi security official tells @NBCNews  there has been anther US airstrike, this one north of Baghdad targeting Shiite militia leaders. Reports of 6 killed. This right BEFORE a big Shiite protest tomorrow in Baghdad. It seems certain to provoke an escalation.

After 16 years of war in Iraq, trillions of dollars, the deaths of 4,500 U.S. troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, the Iraqi government is now trying to throw us out of their country. All that suffering, all that death, all that huge expenditure of money, for what?

I guess the de-escalation of last night's air strike wasn't enough to fully de-escalate and stop war, so today the US has ordered another airstrike at a top Iraqi militia commander to further de-escalate and stop even more war.

Watching the situation in Baghdad closely. Our patriotic diplomats, servicemembers and the U.S. Embassy deserve protection from the Iraqi host government and smart, strong national security strategy from U.S. leaders. Escalation and violence must end.

Why is a disorganized and chaotic Administration such a danger to national security? This actually happened: They sent a letter — by mistake — to the Iraqi government to inform them our counter-ISIS forces are withdrawing. The dysfunction starts at the top.