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In a newly released statement, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Uber engaged in scare tactics trying to drum up opposition to her ride-share tax plan and offered “up $54 million in investments to certain neighborhoods as part of their alternative proposal.”

JUST IN: It's one of the largest venture capital investments in a decentralized finance startup to date. Report by @La__Cuen  @compoundfinance  @a16z 

Janney Joins iCapital Alternative Investment Platform: Advisors at Philadelphia-based Janney Montgomery Scott will gain access to more alternative investments through a partnership with iCapital Network, according… ^ ^ @FAmagazine 

Investments'>Systematica Investments CEO Leda Braga discusses how research technology helps drive her investment strategy during a #TalksAtGS : #GSEurope 

A day after accusing Uber of offering to pay off black ministers to get them to oppose her rideshare tax plan, Mayor Lori Lightfoot changed her tune somewhat, saying the company offered “investments” as part of a “divide and conquer strategy.”

Investments in G4S banned by wealth fund over human rights violations

Among the 90% of companies that have made investments in AI, fewer than two out of five report obtaining any business gains from AI in the past three years.

This rule of thumb about 401(k) investments is wrong.

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Who is making mega investments in travel? The investors participating in the biggest funding rounds often overlap, as potentially highly lucrative deals are coveted and exclusive to a select few.

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Jay-Z is the first rapper to become a billionaire 🏆 The breakdown ⬇️ $310 million: Armand de Brignac $210 million: Cash, investments $100 million: D’Ussé $100 million: Tidal $75 million: Roc Nation $75 million: Music catalog $70 million: Art collection $50 million: Real estate

Our future depends on all our young people, including our boys and young men of color, being able to achieve their dreams. Today, I’m proud to share ’s first investments in communities devoted to this mission. Get inspired:

“As a white person, I have a racist worldview. I have racist biases. I have racist patterns + investments in the system of racism. I also have investments in not seeing anything I just said - because of what it suggests about my identity as a good person.”

Mitch McConnell has blocked: --Gun safety legislation --A SCOTUS nominee --Clean energy investments --Voting rights bills --Anti-corruption laws --Ethics reform --$15 Minimum Wage The list goes on... The obstructionism is staggering.

Prime Minister of Japan has been working with me to help balance out the one-sided Trade with Japan. These are some of the investments they are making in our Country - just the beginning!

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Billions of dollars in investments & thousands of new jobs in America! An initiative via Corning, Merck & Pfizer:

ISIS is in retreat, our economy is booming, investments and jobs are pouring back into the country, and so much more! Together there is nothing we can’t overcome--even a very biased media. We ARE Making America Great Again!

President 's historic investments in our defense industrial base keep two of his biggest promises to voters: to rebuild our military and to bring back American manufacturing.

The climate crisis threatens both our communities & our economy. While ignores his own admin’s report, House Dems are pushing for action w/ select committee on . We can create #ClimateChangemillions  of good-paying jobs w/ bold, green infrastructure investments!