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$CLVT - Clarivate: ProQuest Acquisition Accelerates The Compounding Potential. #trading  #economy  #investing 

The Fed Plans To Raise Interest Rates - Years From Now. #stocks  #investing  #economy 

Clear your weekend for an investing masterclass! Tune in for 60 minutes of uninterrupted expert advice Catch#CNBCTV18InvestmentHour , today @ 10 am and 3 pm #CNBCTV18ClutterBreakers  @SurabhiUpadhyay  @_soniashenoy  @CNBCTV18Live 

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Shell is investing billions to become a renewable energy company, but it relies on oil and gas and finance these purchases. 

How does inflation affect you? What do you need to know? Join Dave Spano from Annex Wealth Management and @OCMayorSteve  for a webinar: ‘Summer School: How Inflation Affects Investing’ this Wednesday at 4pm. Sign up today.

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A Twilio Segment study reveals that effective personalization can result in repeat buyers, but that many brands are not investing in the technology to achieve this. More from our Publishing Partner, @segment 

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Want a little inspiration in your real estate investing journey? Consider signing up for the app and giving these top TikTokers a follow.

For poorer Asian and African economies with millions of “unbanked” people, #Bangladesh  at 50 offers a blueprint for investing early in social infrastructure development, argue @Niaz_Asadullah  and Mishkatur Rahman.

The experts on our 16th annual ranking discuss their investing strategies as life in the U.S. starts to return to normal.


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A strong ground game is important— especially in Florida, where voters have the power to deliver a decisive blow to Trump’s re-election chances. That’s why we’re investing in a ground strategy that will turn out the vote for @JoeBiden  & @KamalaHarris .

For too long our country has prioritized corporate profits, tax cuts for the rich and military spending over investing in the American people. That is what I will fight to change as Senate Budget Committee Chairman.

One of the reasons industries are so short on cash right now is that they have spent billions buying back their own stocks instead of investing in their workers and saving for a rainy day. That needs to be addressed NOW.

Russian company investing in Kentucky mill is a ‘proxy for the Kremlin’: Senate Intelligence report

The wonderful Charles Payne@cvpayne  of @FoxNews  just wrote a great and inspirational new book, UNSTOPPABLE PROSPERITY. Get it NOW. So many important thoughts and suggestions on investing and “Making Money”. Also, Charles just happens to be a Great Guy!

Instead of investing your time to prove to others you are good enough, approach each day knowing you are good enough. It might help reduce some unnecessary difficulties.

Instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we need to be investing in more jobs and education. One thing is abundantly clear: Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Period.

If a Black student has a Black teacher by the end of 3rd grade, they’re 13% more likely to go to college. If they have two Black teachers, it’s 32%. Investing in HBCUs and public education matters.

We need to re-imagine the role police play in our society. It's time for our country to stop investing in police and start investing in our schools, communities, and people.

The Department of Education is NOT closing hundreds of schools in rural areas of our Country. This is just more Fake News. We are investing greatly in our schools, and always will!