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Governor Gavin Newsom Sunday announced plans to temporarily expand Interstate 15 between the state-line and Barstow to ease traffic during peak hours.

Some “immediate relief” is coming for drivers who make the congested trek along Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to Southern California.

The governors of Nevada and California said Sunday that they have a plan to brings some immediate relief to traffic congestion on Interstate 15 at the border of the two states.

Thunderstorms look to form near the Interstate 44 corridor around 8pm, and then spread south towards the Missouri-Arkansas state line towards 10pm. There is a low potential for hail and damaging winds. Frequent cloud to ground lightning will be also be possible. #sgf  #mowx 

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BREAKING: Two interstate flights, two CBD restaurants and the RAA cafe are among the latest venues added to SA Health’s growing list of COVID exposure sites. Latest dates and times: #7NEWS 

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A Portsmouth woman was charged with several felonies and driving under the influence after leading police on a chase up and down Interstate 64 in Newport News.

Colorado State Patrol said no one was injured in an early morning semi-truck crash that spilled fuel on northbound Interstate 25.

FOX 17 traffic reporter Robb Westaby details MDOT extending detours into next year on a busy stretch of Interstate 94 in Kalamazoo, which were supposed to have ended already…

Man assisting motorist on interstate dies after falling from overpass. >>

Smoke and flames are visible to travelers on Interstate 70.


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If only the left was as concerned about our southern border as they seem to be about the interstate borders within our own country we’d be able to solve a major humanitarian crisis in minutes.

A 16-year-old girl reported missing from Asheville, North Carolina, was rescued after she flashed a hand signal from a car on a Kentuckyinterstate, authorities said. A motorist recognized the distress signal from TikTok.

"It's working!" Check out the critters big and small who are using Utah's first wildlife overpass to cross Interstate 80. The @UtahDWR  shared this video on Thursday.

Four Newborns in Adelaide have died after being denied lifesaving heart surgery because it wasn't available in Adelaide, and they couldn't be transferred interstate because of travel restrictions. #9News 

WATCH: Dramatic footage shows massive wildfires raging near Interstate 405 in California

Sixty-five years ago today, President Eisenhower signed act creating Interstate Highway System, called largest public works project in history:

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Republicans will be routinely horrified by Biden’s plan to tax the rich. That said, the interstate infrastructure in America—the nation’s lifeblood—is in very bad shape. The bridges and overpasses are especially dangerous.

1. Where the hell is the hapless FBI director, Christopher Wray, while all the cross-state trafficking of weapons and interstate movement of funds and rioters are occurring?

I see people pulling down their masks to talk. It's like taking off your seatbelt to merge onto the interstate.

1. Friendly suggestion to the federal powers that be: if you’re going to exercise the federal interstate commerce power do so to force blue state governors to start to open their economies, not to stop red state governors from opening their economies.