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As Joe Mixon's backup last season, Samaje Perine rushed for 394 yards and two touchdowns on 4.1 yards per carry, and, perhaps more salient, caught 38 passes for 287 yards and four touchdowns. Read more from Broncos Insider@TroyRenck :

Warren Buffett has likely seen an $8 Billion hit to his financial stocks from Silicon Valley Bank's collapse. Berkshire Hathaway $BRK.B saw about $6.6 billion wiped off its Bank of America $BAC and America Express $AXP stakes - Insider

JUST IN: The Indianapolis Colts have cut Matt Ryan from the team, according to an NFL Insider.

Legal experts said a possible focus of the investigation into Silicon Valley Bank could be insider sales by several bank executives in the weeks before the bank’s failure. (Via @nytimes )

$WH [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Insider BIBLOWIT MYRA J: Granted 307 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2023-03-10, increased holding by 0% to 84,908 shares

Regulators are taking a harder look at those insider stock sales by SVB execs #Tazow  #crypto 

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Regulators are taking a harder look at those insider stock sales by SVB execs ?tpcc=ectwitter by @cookie 

Broncos add a RB in free agency, per our KOA #Broncos  & #NFL  Insider@AllbrightNFL . What do you think about the deal? 🤔

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SVB execs sold $84 million in stock over the past 2 years, stoking outrage over insider trading plans


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I wish the SEC had as much of an issue with Insider Trading as they seem to have with Outsider Trading. #RobinHood  #GameStop  #wallstreetbets  ???

What the hell has Congress done to deserve a 21% raise? I guess, like insider trading, they can hedge against inflation for themselves while you get stuck dealing with the consequences of their incompetence.

All. Rise. Aaron Judge, Yankees are reportedly in agreement on a 9-year deal, according to MLB insider'>Network Insider@jonmorosi .

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From an insider not politically connected: The emails in the NY Post story have been verified -- they’re solid. The Vadym Pozharskyi email address has historical data dating back to 2014. Furthermore, it is registered to the address of Burisma.

John Clayton, a first-class NFL insider and our beloved longtime ESPN colleague, died today. He also starred in the greatest This Is SportsCenter commercial of all time. RIP, John

Asbestos shouldn’t be legal. Cars should be fuel efficient. We have a right to clean air and water. Our national parks and monuments should be held in trust for future generations. Also insider trading is bad. Please vote for Democrats in November.

Kodak (yes, the film company) got a big government contract to make generic COVID-19 drugs. Surprise: @Kodak’s trading volume spiked before the announcement. Even Kodak’s chairman bought stock. I want the SEC to investigate for possible insider trading.

There are basically 5 ways to accumulate a billion dollars in America: 1) Profiting from a monopoly 2) Insider-trading 3) Political payoffs 4) Fraud 5) Inheritance None of these has anything to do with being successful in the supposed free market.

No one is shocked that Zucker had a vendetta & would risk @CNN’s credibility to act on it. Look what went on at @nbc  on his watch! CNN Insider Blows Whistle, Records Network President Jeff Zucker’s "Anti-Trump Crusade" & "Personal Vendetta" Against POTUS.