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Trump in 1993, testifying in front of Native American affairs committee: "They don't look Indian" #inners 

@MaxineWaters  on Bill O'Reilly comments: "I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated" #inners 

GOP Rep.: "I'm a dentist, so I read body language very, very well" #inners 

Former CIA Director@JohnBrennan  agrees: President Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States #inners 

@tanehisicoates  lays out the long list of Trump's actions showing why he "might be a white supremacist" #inners 

@ainsley  just told me a DHS official she talked to today referred to agency "imploding" over this policy. #inners 

South Dakota voters pass anti-corruption law, GOP lawmakers declare state of emergency to get rid of it #inners 

Lawrence Wilkerson on Trump at UN: "the most atrocious speech I've ever heard an American president give" #inners 

This is the story of what happened the last time the Senate rejected Jeff Sessions in 1986 #inners