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Klobuchar: Trump went from "I alone can fix this" to "I am backup." #inners 

WATCH: The truth about the toilet paper shortage. Hint: it’s not about the irrational hoarding of TP. #inners 


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@MaxineWaters  on Bill O'Reilly comments: "I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated" #inners 

@tanehisicoates  lays out the long list of Trump's actions showing why he "might be a white supremacist" #inners 

@MalcolmNance : This one incident requires Jared Kushner to have his security clearance pulled right now #inners 

@jacobsoboroff  on Texas immigrant child detention center: "Effectively, these kids are incarcerated" #inners 

@JoyAnnReid : My parents were immigrants from what Trump calls "shithole" countries #inners 

@POTUS  to GOP: "You claim the mantle of the party of family values, and this is the guy you nominate?" #inners