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The House passed the Inflation Reduction Act Friday, sending the landmark $437-billion tax, climate and health care package to Biden for his signature

Lot of focus on the ~7-10% increase in GHG reduction by 2030 due to Inflation Reduction Act, but @rhodium_group  finding also very important that 2030 SO2 declines 59-82% below 2021 level with #IRA  vs 39-63% without it. Important benefits for air quality, asthma & premature deaths

Social Security beneficiaries are set to see a sizable increase in their 2023 benefit checks thanks to a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) designed to offset soaring inflation.

Philippine stocks extended gains on Friday after the July inflation print in the United States came in lower than expected, raising hopes that consumer price increases that prevailed for most of the year would finally start easing.

I'm confused how increasing state spending will reduce inflation. That seems kinda backwards to me.

Forget inflation, shrinkflation is sparking a fury in Germany


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Today I asked Fauci a simple question: Are there any studies that show a reduction in hospitalization or death for children that take a booster?   His answer: No   Then why is the government recommending it?

This week @POTUS  struck a serious deal to cut drug prices for people on Medicare and fight climate change, received a stellar July jobs report, shrank the unemployment rate to 3.5%, eliminated bin-Laden’s successor, & gas prices fell to a 50+ day low. Great week, Mr. President!

528,000 jobs in July and a 3.5% unemployment rate. A historic deal to reduce inflation, invest in health care, and tackle climate change with clean energy. The fastest decline in gas prices we've seen in a decade. Thanks, Biden.

Reminder: inflation isn’t being driven by government spending. It’s being driven by a handful of giant corporations who are jacking up prices and raking in record profits.

us: left govt, high inflation uk: right govt, high inflation germany: centrist govt, high inflation italy: everyone in govt, high inflation wild guess it’s not the govt

Meat prices increased by double digits. Tyson’s CEO says they’re asking customers to “pay for inflation.” Meanwhile, Tyson’s posted $1 billion in profits last quarter — a 48% increase from the first quarter of 2021. Don't be fooled. This is about corporate greed. It always is.

Inflation. Their salary went up!!

Shock. Shock. Shock. Gas prices are at the highest level in 7 years while Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell & BP made nearly $25 billion in profits last quarter – the highest level in over 7 years. The problem is not inflation. The problem is corporate greed, collusion & profiteering.

Last night Trump attacked Medicare for All as "socialized medicine." Funny. I didn't hear him complain when he received the best socialized medicine in the world for free at a 100% government run hospital. Yup. Trump loves socialism for himself, rugged individualism for the rest.

Big Pharma is taking ads against me because I am MASSIVELY lowering your drug prices, which is obviously not good for them. Medicare premiums will also be going down. I am the first President to take them on. Don’t fall for their false ads. Biden plan is for very big increases!