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Unilever warns of even higher inflation next year with surging costs for energy, edible oils and packaging

#PersonalCapital data via @CNBC : These days, inflation is retirees’ top concern, beating out healthcare costs. Here are the top worries: • declining purchasing power (77%) • healthcare costs (74%) • financial strength of Social Security (71%)

US inflation expectations jump to nine-year high, more fuel for Treasury yields By @anilpanchal7  #Inflation  #RiskAppetite  #DollarIndex  #Fed 

Inflation Rate in Japan increased to 0.20 percent in September from -0.40 percent in August of 2021.

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JPInflation Rate Ex-Food and Energy YoY (SEP) Actual: -0.5% Previous: -0.5%

ICYMI, see @RaphaelBostic 's thoughts on the current inflation situation from his speech to @PIIE  on October 12.

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Let’s Go Brandon! Inflation' alt='BidenInflation' /'>#BidenInflation  is an immoral tax on low and middle income families.

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Where are Americans seeing inflation? A lot of places: Rental cars +43% over last Sept Gas 42% Used cars 24% Bacon 19% Hotels 18% Beef 18% Pork 13% Eggs 13% TVs 13% Kids' shoes 12% Furniture 11% New cars 9% Chicken 8% Apples 8% Restaurant prices: 5% Electricity 5% Rent 2.9%

NEWS: Damning new email shows Heather Bresch, daughter of Joe Manchin, played a direct part in EpiPen price inflation scandal, according to just-released court documents

I don’t know about you guys but I’d gladly trade a few mean (but also true) tweets for some of that $1.85 gas, Mid East Peace, energy independence, record unemployment, rising wages, a safe and secure border, and no skyrocketing inflation right about now. #BidenisaFailure 

We’re probably about 3 months or so away from the entire Republican Party, the conservative movement, the business press and many commentators becoming *obsessed* with deficits, inflation and tightening monetary policy.

build back better apparently means crumbling infrastructure, inflation, mass exodus from the workforce, escalating middle eastern conflict

@MBuhari  announced in his 2021 budget proposal that he expects #Inflation  to be 11.95%/yr next year. He must have pulled that number out of a hat. Today, I accurately measure #Nigeria ’s inflation at 29.45%/yr. That’s almost triple the President’s finger in the wind forecast.

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Hearing that Iran is looking to execute a great and popular wrestling star, 27-year-old Navid Afkarai, whose sole act was an anti-government demonstration on the streets. They were protesting the “country’s worsening economic situation and inflation”...

The Fed should get smart & lower the Rate to make our interest competitive with other Countries which pay much lower even though we are, by far, the high standard. We would then focus on paying off & refinancing debt! There is almost no inflation-this is the time (2 years late)!