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Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz VicePresident Maryam Nawaz Sharif said the current government may have to take difficult economic decisions that would fuel inflation

Inflation is high, pervasive and frequently felt. That’s a dangerous mix

People use the word inflation as if all inflation is demand-pull inflation, the word inflation has become a rule of thumb for that, that is misleading. Inflation needs a descriptor qualifier. Additionally supply-side inflation is more common

4/ Delegating DOP inflation Every week, vote will take place to allocate DOP to lending pools. The more votes the NFT pool receives, the higher share of DOP rewards it gets. It increases lenders supply APY rates and borrowers get more DOP rewarded for their loans.

2/ By using veDOP community members will be able to: 💠Decide which lending pools to add 💠Delegate DOP inflation to lending pools 💠Accumulate fees and bribes 💠Manage lending pools interest rates and parameters

Henderson County commissioners made $1 million worth of tweaks to the budget as leaders factor in inflation and increased cost of living.

$SPY $QQQ Technical analysis increases as stocks move lower. Bull Story: Inflation / dollar / rates peaked = sideways market with select winners and losers and high dispersion vs index. Bears: Market still 17-18x earnings, selling will spread to credit.

Due to inflation people are changing their shopping habits. LEX 18's @NancyCoxLex18  shows us how people are making changes in order to pay the price of inflation.

#InflationConcern Runaway inflation stings IndiaJolted, central bank hikes rates, common man pays heavy price. Critics predict gloom and doom, Modi sarkar says it is in control. @SubramanianKrijoins  @RShivshankaron  #ConverseIndiawith  his perspective at 4:30 PM


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$5 dollar gas. No baby formula. Record crime. Record inflation. Border crisis. And what’s Congress doing today? Holding a hearing on UFOs!

What the hell has Congress done to deserve a 21% raise? I guess, like insider trading, they can hedge against inflation for themselves while you get stuck dealing with the consequences of their incompetence.

Hope all those Biden voters are really enjoying their 8.5% pay cut. #inflation 

1913...The year that led to today's economic torture Both the income tax & The Fed were created that year. The income tax made everyone's earnings the property of the government first. What the government allows people to keep is then relentlesly stolen by The Fed's inflation.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d gladly trade a few mean (but also true) tweets for some of that $1.85 gas, Mid East Peace, energy independence, record unemployment, rising wages, a safe and secure border, and no skyrocketing inflation right about now. #BidenisaFailure 

Meat prices increased by double digits. Tyson’s CEO says they’re asking customers to “pay for inflation.” Meanwhile, Tyson’s posted $1 billion in profits last quarter — a 48% increase from the first quarter of 2021. Don't be fooled. This is about corporate greed. It always is.

@saylor  As a general principle, for those looking for advice from this thread, it is generally better to own physical things like a home or stock in companies you think make good products, than dollars when inflation is high. I still own & won’t sell my Bitcoin, Ethereum or Doge fwiw.

2021 Profits: Amazon:⬆️75% to $35 billion Netflix:⬆️96% to $5.3 billion Nike:⬆️125% to $5.7 billion FedEx:⬆️307% to $5.2 billion 2022 Price Hikes: Amazon Prime:⬆️16.8% Netflix Subscription:⬆️10.7% Nike:⬆️10.5% FedEx:⬆️5.9%-7.9% Don't cite inflation. Cite corporate greed.

Wendy's increased its net income by 70%, pays its CEO 532X more than its median worker & is spending $100 million on stock buybacks. Now it's blaming the rising price of a Frosty on inflation? No. The problem isn't the Wendy's worker who got a 50 cent raise. It's corporate greed.

Shock. Shock. Shock. Gas prices are at the highest level in 7 years while Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell & BP made nearly $25 billion in profits last quarter – the highest level in over 7 years. The problem is not inflation. The problem is corporate greed, collusion & profiteering.