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Why the Gandhi family wants Ashok Gehlot as Congress president #IndiaTodayMagazine 

Why Rajasthan stopped full and half-day tiger safaris at Ranthambore#IndiaTodayMagazine 

These aren’t freebies, high public social spending stimulates demand: Amit Mitra#IndiaTodayMagazine 

Why Mamata is silent on St Xavier’s University ‘swimsuit’ row #IndiaTodayMagazine 

How India’s space sector is opening up its skies #ITInsight  #IndiaTodayMagazine 

Happiness delivery: Giving specially-abled children home and education. #ITMagPro  #IndiaTodayMagazine 


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The big reveal: there has been no foreign donation to RGC since 2006. #IndiaTodayMagazine  #IndiaTodayInsight 

Keralites who joined ISIS in Afghanistan have surrendered to authorities. #IndiaTodayMagazine 

#IndiaTodayMagazine | Playback performer: Arijit Singh on taking Bollywood hits on road

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What if the BJP or NDA comes back to power in 2019? #IndiaTodayMagazine 

#IndiaTodayMagazine These celebrities feature in India Today's Top 50 Power List 2018. How would you rank?

Sridevi was India's first female superstar. (From the #IndiaTodayMagazine , by @rajchengappa )

PM Modi delivered a slap to Pakistan by invoking Balochistan. Read more in the latest edition of #IndiaTodayMagazine 

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How the UP CM @yadavakhilesh  is battling against a tough opposition. Read#IndiaTodayMagazine  Pic: Bandeep Singh

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